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Just moved to Hove from Scotland - anyone want to give me the lowdown?!

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Twiga Fri 22-Aug-08 15:09:30

Hi, moved to Hove Sunday from Edinburgh, before that we were in Aberdeen for 11 years so this is the furthest south we've been for a while. Moved due to dh's work - he's doing a 6 month post in the neo-natal unit in Brighton. Have two dcs with third on the way just before Christmas, dd 3 in a couple of weeks and ds is 14 months. Lots of questions really as don't know these parts at all - what are maternity services like? What do I need to do about nursery for dd - think she would be due funding from Jan. Nice toddler groups about? Good places/activities for kids? Churches? and well a million and one things really.....

Feeling a long way from everyone and everything we know so would appreciate any chat that would help us get settled asap, thanks!

MABS Fri 22-Aug-08 15:39:00

Hey Twiga WELCOME - i do a lot of support work for TMBU Neonatal unit, i know several consultants pretty well, bet i will meet your dh!

My office is in Hove, I live further out now tho. We are having a meet 6 Sept lunch if you fancy it? Lots of the brighton crew have young children, mine bit older now tho.Would be great to meet you.

Twiga Fri 22-Aug-08 15:57:34

Hi MABS, you'll not miss him, he's 6'5" with a mild belfast accent! He's enjoying the work so far, team all seem to be friendly so he's settling in quite quick. I would love to come to the meet up on the 6th but we are due to nip up to Aberdeen to that weekend for a few days. Will def try to come along to the one after though - thanks!

pollyanna Sat 23-Aug-08 21:42:04

hi Twiga, I live just near St Ann's Well Gardens - whereabouts are you?

One good toddlers group is at St Nicholas Church in Dyke Road (near the clock tower) - it is on a tuesday morning. There is also one at the church on Holland Road on a Tues and Thursday morning - it gets full very quickly though.

I can give you lots more info, if you let me know approx where you are. Have you looked at the local pages on here for Brighton?

pollyanna Sat 23-Aug-08 21:47:32

oops just saw your other thread.

2shoes Sat 23-Aug-08 22:00:43

my dc's are teens. but welcome to the wonderful city

Twiga Sat 23-Aug-08 22:54:28

Thanks 2shoes!

pollyanna, we're on Shirley street - really need to get my hands on a local street map as not sure wheres where iykwim. Thanks for the info on toddler groups, I had spotted info for one outside a church near the main shops but it seemed to be under 3's which wouldn't work with dd so good to know there are other groups too. I assume no groups meeting just now as still summer hols down here - feels a bit strange as they're all back in Scotland now, going to need to learn a whole new set of hol dates.

Twiga Sat 23-Aug-08 22:56:37

Oh just while I'm thinking of it, been finding getting reg with a GP a bit of a trial - all seem to have a good couple of weeks wait. Have ended up getting most sense out of the one on Ventor Villas (Central Hove surgery - I think) - do you happen to know if it's ok or if I should persevere with a diff one?

pollyanna Sat 23-Aug-08 23:06:15

I think that there are quite a few groups in Hove Methodist Church and Hove YMCA - both of which are near you I think

There are also gymnastics sessions at Brighton and Hove Gymnastics club (for both of your dcs) which is quite near to you.

I would suggest looking at the ABC mag, and also the Family Information Service webpage - it lists all the different groups.

I know how you feel, I moved down here 2 years ago, also in the middle of the summer holidays and felt very lonely to start with. The groups all start up soon and people are generally very friendly!

There was another thread on here recently recommending nurseries in Hove. I have found it quite difficult to find a "pre-school" rather than a daycare nursery, and in fact gave up for my dd3 who starts in the school nursery in Sept. I met someone who recommends the nursery at Cornerstone - which is in a church in Palmeira Square. Sorry I can't be more help. the nursery everyone raves about is Blueberries nursery which is near 7 Dials.

BrummieOnTheRun Sun 24-Aug-08 10:26:27

Hi Twiga,

I've got 2 about your age. Key to remaining sane is staying out of the house imo, lol!Fortunately there are tons of fantastic things to do...

Mine love the toddler gym at the Hove Gymnastics club near Newtown Road in Hove.

Nurseries? You'll have to use your instincts. Didn't find Ofsted reports much help. Happy to pass on personal experiences of the 2 we used.

I'd recommend the website for childcare & playgroups listings, and also the ABC mag as already mentioned.

pinktree Sun 24-Aug-08 16:31:40

Hi Twiga,

We just had a look at a house on Shirley Street - maybe neighbors! We're in Brighton at the mo.

Have a look at

Twiga Sun 24-Aug-08 23:00:48

Pinktree, funny to think that I could be wandering/have mnetters wandering past. There seems to be a lot of for sale/to let signs about - hope the hunting goes well and you find somewhere fab!

Tortington Sun 24-Aug-08 23:30:14


you will lvoe it, i work in hove, the people are fab an lovely and kind.

Twiga Sun 24-Aug-08 23:38:44

Hey custardo, people do seem nice - at Hove park today and really nice atmosphere, other parents around were friendly and seemed to look out for chldren nearby, which is always great. Starting to link places up a bit and liking what we're finding so far.

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