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Bowes Park Nursery Wood Green - anyone heard of it/recommend etc

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leeloo1 Tue 29-Jul-08 13:57:26

Sorry in advance for posting this on the 'wrong' board - i did post on the one about nurseries, but haven't had any replies.

I've been looking at registering LO for Bowes Park Nursery, but hoped someone would be able to give personal feedback about it. smile I did go for a visit, but would like to hear from parents/friends of parents too to get another opinion!

possiblymaybe Wed 30-Jul-08 00:13:01

Don't have a personal experience but live locally and as I am at the moment looking for a nursery too I am very interested in any personal feedback.

What was bowes park like when you visited it?

leeloo1 Wed 30-Jul-08 10:37:20


Well, I did like it - the staff seemed really friendly and seemed to care about the children and to interact well with them. There are lots of rooms there, so the children are broken up into age-appropriate groups rather than being lumped in together (seemed to be: 6mths-12/16mths - non-mobile, mobile 12/16mths-2 years, 2.5-3, 3+ and 4+). The lady showing us round spoke in French to 1 little girl - just how are you type stuff, but seemed to show a concern for her beyond the basic! The food & hygiene seemed good (children were all having sanitiser gel before snack time while we were there) - chef seemed nice, kitchen seemed clean and menu seemed good.

My concerns were:
The babies (6 mths - 2 years) had been playing in very glittery water and their faces were smothered in glitter, which I worried wouldn't be good if it got in their eyes/mouth... I think most of them had had it wiped off before they had their naps, but a slightly older (18 mths?) was lying down, being encouraged to sleep with it all over her still. - I've posted this concern on the 'nurseries board' and everyone seemed to think that it was fine and to be expected, so i'm less worried about it now!

The 3 year olds were in a circle being read a story before their snack and they were all silent, playing with shoes etc, whilst woman reading the story wasn't showing them pictures or anything, literally just reading it - and not very excitingly either. Other staff did seem to be interacting with the children far better though.

In the room for 12mths -2 years there was a wire rack for books on the wall, there was nothing in it, but some books had been dropped down the back of it. We were seeing the room on Monday morning, when no children were there, so it must have been like that at least over the weekend and it seemed like the staff could have taken a bit more care about presentation of the room/area to encourage the children to look at the books.

Early years good practice is that learning should be self-initiated, but none of the rooms seemed to have activities/resources freely available for the children to choose from - the adults just put out a few bits and pieces. (Ok, as a reception teacher this is a bit of a bugbear, so I'm probably more aware that this is desirable) and the planning that was displayed seemed a bit lacking - sand and water, duplo, glitter etc - I didn't see any learning intentions or what they wanted the children to explore or get out of the activities (again as a teacher maybe I'm being too picky).

Hope that helps a bit! How old is your LO? (I'm due 24/9, but need to try to reserve a place for when I go back to work in Aug 09 and they seem to go quickly). Have you looked at any nurseries yet? My research suggests that Bowes Park is the best in the immediate area - the only 'better' ones are in New Southgate, which is a bit of a trek! I don't know anyone locally, so please do reply as it'd be nice to start to get to know some local people! smile

elkiedee Sun 03-Aug-08 11:50:01

Hi leeloo1, don't know anything about Bowes Park nursery but you could also try the other Haringey Local threads. How old is your LO? I'm back at work but there are some other mums still on maternity leave who meet up from time to time.

dimi09 Tue 13-Jan-09 14:41:06

Hi leeloo,

i am afraid i cannot give you any more info on Bowes Park Nursery. I have booked a place also for Aug 09 for my 4 1/2 month old son, have researched as well and found it to be the best in the area and it is very close to my place - next road. Impressed with your detailed description and observations, thanx. Dont know anybody locally either, looking for rhyme classes at the mo.
How old is your baby ?

mrsbaldwin Wed 14-Jan-09 09:29:57

Have a look at my post under thread marked 'Nurseries in Haringey'. I've only been to visit, mind - I haven't used it.

mrsbaldwin Wed 14-Jan-09 10:06:29

I just remembered one more thing from my visit to Bowes Park Nursery. I was being shown round by a senior NN, maybe in her 20s/30s. We stopped at 'construction corner' for a look - the NN told me 'lots of the boys play here'.

I am due to have a boy and may have told her so (I can't remember), so perhaps that explains the comment - she was trying to please me. But actually I was ... 'horrified' would be too strong a word, but perhaps 'taken aback'. First, I'm a raging feminist - whether I'm having a boy or not I want to hear stuff expressed in terms of equal ops, especially on a formal 'show-round' at which the one would assume the nursery would want to be displayed to best advanatge. Second, a number of the children actually using construction corner as we toured, were girls (perhaps the observable fact of this takes the edge of the NN's unfortunate remark a little).

So Leeloo, my impression of Bowes Park was much the same as yours, reading your post. Looked generally fine - no children visibly unhappy or being murdered (and chef brilliant) but various niggling thoughts, nonetheless. I didn't get the niggling thoughts in nearly such a big way at the other nursery I visited, Noah's Ark in Wood Green.

Hope this is helpful.

leeloo1 Thu 23-Jul-09 22:09:07

Really interesting re-reading my post (and the replies - sorry not to have read or replied before) after practically a year! I did sign my baby up to start at Bowes Park in September 09 (when he'll be 11 months) as I felt I had no choice, but I never felt happy or comfortable about it. I also heard a few negative comments including that they weren't good at positively directing the energies of active boys.

So the upshot... I've resigned my teaching post and am in the process of becoming a registered childminder!! I already have 1 baby signed up for 3 days a week from September, but if anyone is looking for a high calibre childminder then do contact me. grin

Riella Wed 24-Mar-10 20:49:07


Hope someone will find my post!

My child is going to Bowes Park from May.
Is there anyone with some first hand information about the nursery??? Have any of you finally stick with this nursery???

Im really worried to leave my child with someone else, but as far as I could see this was the nicest & friendliest nursery around.
Thank you so much if you answer me!!!

clairemcq Thu 15-Jul-10 18:30:24

Hi leeloo1,

another year on, I don't know if you'll see this post or your circumstances have changed but do get in touch with me if you're still a childminder.

Am also a reception teacher and looking for someone for Jan 2010 part time, bit of a long shot but get in touch if youre interested!

muzzer123 Fri 29-Jul-16 15:23:40

This nursery is currently rated inadequate by OFSTED July 2016

Izniz Sat 02-Jun-18 17:03:04

Hi all! Just an update on this, its now rated as outstanding by ofsted. Any updates on experiences to share?

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