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Football for small ones? Anywhere?

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jaype Mon 14-Jul-08 22:22:51

Hello - we're about to move (back) to Cornwall soon and I was wondering if anyone knew about football clubs for pre-schoolers? My son currently goes to a Saturday club organised by Crystal Palace. it's only an hour long and he has lots of fun running about and learning a bit about football, having a quick game etc. However, I can't find anything like it locally - we'll be in Truro... Only thing I can see are soccer stars school clubs or day long holiday clubs. Does anyone have any tips? Thanks in advance! Jules.

Madimog Wed 23-Jul-08 23:53:10

HI. There is a club in the village of Probus (10 mins from Truro) which is advertised at our pre-school. I think it runs on a Saturday morning but will get details tomorrow for you. We moved back to Cornwall 3 years ago from London and have never once looked back. Good luck with the move.

jaype Sun 27-Jul-08 08:49:27

Thanks! We're here now and I have been off the computer making the most of the lovely weather. I think ds (4.5) misses his friends, but have been taking him to the park so he can play with others his age until school starts up. Loads to do (register with doctor, etc etc), and have also bought them both wetsuits. I don't remember the sea being this cold when I was little!

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