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Anyone live in Kendal?

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Lumps Fri 04-Jul-08 13:42:11

Hi does anyone live in Kendal? I moved here quite recently and would like to get to know other mothers in the area. I have two daughters aged 4 (starting school in September) and 2. Currently a full time mum in between trying to renovate an old wreck of a house we've just bought! Would like to meet up especially over the Summer holidays!

Anteater Mon 07-Jul-08 00:18:42

Joolstoo is from Kendal I think.
we are from the north lakes

Lumps Wed 09-Jul-08 18:22:51

Thanks Anteater. Hello Joolstoo if you're reading this thread!

Waihekemum Wed 13-Aug-08 15:42:06

Hello, I am moving to Kendal in a couple of weeks - terrified as I don't know anyone! My husband works up there and we have finally found somewhere to rent so are joining him. I have 2 girls too - oldest has just turned 5, and a 2 year old also.

abouteve Wed 13-Aug-08 15:59:07

Hi, I'm near there (10 miles) north, not too difficult to work out. Welcome to the area. My DD is secondary age but I hope you can make new friends with similar aged children.

I've often wondered if there are any mnetters from this area.

abouteve Sat 16-Aug-08 16:27:07

Just read the local paper and Netmums (sorry to swear) are starting a group in Kendal.

Waihekemum Sat 16-Aug-08 23:25:01

So what are the top places for kids and families (good walks, parks etc)on a budget? We've already had lovely days at Abbot Hall park, feeding ducks at Bowness and a trip to the national trust park near Newby Bridge. Any ideas no matter how little would be appreciated. Thanks, from a new mumsnetter.

abouteve Sat 16-Aug-08 23:43:40

The Westmorland Gazette (great local weekly) yesterday featured a new netmums group starting in Kendal. They were planning a meet in the Abbot Hall park, or the fun factory if wet. Getting involved would be great for you and the OP.

You are in a great place on a budget. We have the lakes and the hills. Brockhole is another great place for the price of the car park but sadly this is earmarked for development. Glad you enjoyed Fell Foot at Newby Bridge another favourite of mine. The maize maze at Sedgwich is a great day out, season permitting.

I'm past all this now as mine is a teen and unfortunately there is not much happening in the area to accommodate their social needs until they reach 18 grin. Great place for camping DofE etc right on the doorstep.

For the adults, there is the Brewery Arts Centre, with a cinema and theatre and a nice bar. Lots of places to visit for a run out and some nice restaurants. Lovely Cinema, vegetarian restaurant in Ambleside.

Waihekemum Mon 18-Aug-08 13:11:12

Thanks so much!

northernjess Mon 29-Sep-08 21:49:08

Im here just outside Kendal with 3 little ones under 4 so get in touch!

NK556 Sat 25-Oct-08 17:06:40

I also moved to Kendal in August. How are you settling in Waihekemum?!

Helsbels35 Thu 01-Jan-09 23:25:16

Hi, I did live in Kendal but just moved to Penrith but am there a couple of times a week if I can, does the mumsnet club still meet?

chas213 Wed 08-Apr-09 19:41:24

Hi l live in kendal, with a 2 year old. I work 4 days a week and only have a tuesday off, does anyone know of any toddler groups/activities going on?

LittlePants Tue 06-Oct-09 10:16:55

Long shot, but I'm trying to get the message out that I am organizing a Children in Need event in Barrow. It's a taster baby swimming lessons at The Park leisure centre. I know it's a long way from Kendal, but not that far. You can email to prebook or for more details

Hermia321 Thu 14-Jan-10 00:04:37

Message withdrawn

April247 Fri 19-Feb-10 11:52:14

HELLO ,moving up too the lakes soon with my new baby daughter other half now working in barrow. I would appreciate any advice re areas, nice schools, too move into, kendal looking good as plenty too do and new people too meet. typing with one hand my little darling in other hence lack of punctuation. giddy kippers looks promising thank you

Hermya321 Wed 24-Feb-10 22:37:50

Message withdrawn

Nymphadora Fri 26-Feb-10 14:55:18

If your DP is working in Barrow it will take around an hour from Kendal depending on whether he has to go through town. I would go for the edges of Kendal to make the commute easier.

Secondary Schools are good, AFAIK primarys are too.

Hi Hermya

Hermya321 Sat 27-Feb-10 01:11:46

Hi Nymph

18AJ Sat 24-Apr-10 10:11:15

I am new on here- so HELLO everyone.
I live 3 miles outside of Kendal heading towards Bowness.
I have a little girl (Eve) who is 22 months. I am back at work after an amazing year off with Eve. I work 4 days a work for a Phamacautical company- I don't work Mondays.
So if anyone fancys meeting on a Monday that would be great.
I also have loads of ideas of fun/cheap things to do around the area if people are still interested

NellieH Sat 05-Jun-10 21:36:13

Hi, I live in Kendal, my daughter is 2 next week. Although I only have Thursday afternoons off my daughter has a very hectic social life in Kendal with her Grandma. I would recommend the St Thomas Church play group on a Tuesday & Thursday, Music on a Wed at the Methodist church and Salvation Army Playgroup on a Friday. I am not religious but they are all very welcoming, friendly places to try out. As for free fun things to do there is a nice walk around Sepentine woods on Queens Road. Good luck to the newcomers to the area it is a lovely place to raise children and all the schools are good, just pick the nearest to home!

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