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Any older mums out there?

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LindaB38 Thu 26-Jun-08 20:17:39

Hi - I'm new to Mumsnet so apologies if this has already been discussed somewhere. I had my first baby, Caitlin 7 months ago aged 43. I'd love to chat to some older mums about their experiences - are there any out there who'd like a chat? I'm a bit nervous about going to the Baby & Toddler Groups as lots of the mums are much younger than me (by about 20 years!). I live in Dinas Powis but have worked in Cardiff for years.

PeaGreene Fri 27-Jun-08 22:19:42

Hi, well I'm 39 but had DS 7 years ago so not quite the same, but I appreciate you not wanting to go to the Baby & Toddler groups. It's a bit odd to find that the parents of DS's friends are a good 10 years younger than me! Weird. How's it going apart from that?

gemat Sat 28-Jun-08 15:34:20

hi im 39 and have a little boy 2 and a half and a little girl 6, a lot of people i know are youmger than me with children, so i also appreciate how hard it can be

jammi Sun 29-Jun-08 11:39:34

Message withdrawn

macdoodle Sun 14-Sep-08 07:06:36

Hi gosh know this is late but I am 37 with a 7 year old and a 8 month old ...and am very close to you Penarth
I did the baby groups with my first and hated them then have not even tried with no 2 but luckily have a good network now - CAT me if you would like to meet up for a coffee or sumink grin

witchwoman Fri 17-Oct-08 22:26:55

Hi, if you're still looking at this thread I'm 45 with a 7 yr old and a 4 yr old. i actually did go along to toddler groups and found it ok if a little strange when i discovered that I was the same age as the mother of the woman sitting next to me!
Anyway email me if you fancy chatting/meeting up.

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