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Can anyone help? I'm arranging a big BBQ/ street party

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TinkerbellesMum Thu 26-Jun-08 14:45:01

I'm starting a Resident's Association and doing this big BBQ to launch it.

I'm just wondering if anyone can help in anyway. It's got to be a low cost day so I'm looking for things that can pay for itself or donations of food/prizes if you work somewhere that can help or discounts on food. Maybe a celebrity acquaintance/ footballer who could have a kick around with the kids...

I've managed to find a balloon modeller, but I'd love to have face painters and a bouncy castle - but it can't be the drop off and leave with you type, I need the sort you see at fetes with an operator taking children's money.

If you can help with anything or know someone who can or anything. Please email me tinkerbellesmum at

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