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Shopping updates!

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meglet Wed 25-Jun-08 20:45:16

I realise that its only Festival Place and not Bond Street but I thought maybe we could all benefit from local shopping thread. EG: What sales have just started, good stuff for kids tucked away in shops you wouldn't expect etc.

The only think I can think of off the top of my head now I have started this is that TK Maxx often have some cheap Gro-Bags in stock.

kys Wed 09-Jul-08 16:38:34

Does anyone know what date the next sale starts?

wonderstuff Mon 06-Oct-08 12:24:30

Well went looking for cheap crayons and scribbling book (isla is only 11mo but nursery presented me with a 'drawing' last week and i got over excited) Woolies where i expected to find them had nothing, wilkinsons had crayons for 6p and books for 15p FAB!!

Housemum Sun 12-Oct-08 00:40:46

Best bargains, of course, will be the NCT Nearly New sale nex weekend!!! 2.0m members, 2.15 non-members, at BCOT.

I second the cheap gro-bags! Bought a few in there - Tchibo usually does them once or twice a year if you need them at the right time.

Mamas and Papas have a couple of good value (for them) outfits - bought one for a friend's son, £14 for cord trousers, long sleeve top and padded gilet.

Don't forget New Look kids' section - not masses, but occasionally nice stuff. Zara kids is gorgeous but pricey. Sales here aren't as good as Zara in France (we used to buy stuff there on hols for DD2 before we had Zara kids in UK)

Aaahh, Isla's "picture" sounds cute!! I'm on DD3 so we have a house full of crayons...

meglet Wed 22-Oct-08 14:45:51

the post office in town have dead cheap wrapping paper at the moment, 25p for 2 sheets and tags. I have stocked up for the next 100 years worth of birthdays.

..... wanders off to get a life.......

meglet Wed 03-Dec-08 11:04:19

I know its not got long left but Woolies does have some bargains. Lots of 3 for 2's aswell.

I wonder what will replace it? Maybe the pound shop will expand hmm shock

WalkingInAWonderStuffingLand Fri 12-Dec-08 17:14:05

Tesco's have baby sleeping bags for a fiver! Only have 0-6 and 6-12 though sad

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