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New to this site expecting no.4...Anyone out there??????????

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Mummato4 Thu 05-Jun-08 11:49:27

I'm expecting number no4.I have just finished work and looking to meet people local to me. I live in Heathfield East Sussex. Anyone fancy a chat smile


JacobsPrincess Sun 08-Jun-08 21:54:32

Hello, I'm here! New to Mumsnet too. Site is great, but this local site seems a bit empty!!
I'm afraid I'm noy really local to you, I'm in Hastings, but online most days!!

JacobsPrincess Sun 08-Jun-08 21:55:17

Also meant to say, expecting no2 in about 4 weeks.

Mummato4 Mon 09-Jun-08 10:45:26

Great to hear from some one, locals do seem abit thin on the ground? So what date is your baby due? Do you know what your having? How you feeling?? SOrry a million questions all in one go!
Hastings isnt too far takes about half an hour. I had join another site as well but they are all miles away!
Wait to hear from you.grin
Mummato4 x

JacobsPrincess Tue 17-Jun-08 17:16:18

Sorry I haven'e replied sooner - we've had loads of house guests (3 different lots!) so between being hostess I've had the washing machine running non-stop!!
Baby is due on 9th July. Had a growth scan today and consultant is predicting 9lb +. I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, hence the extra scans, but it's all diet controlled and there is nothing wrong with me or baby. So apart from GD and SPD, I've had a really easy pregnancy!
I'm having another boy, Jacob is 3 next week and very excited about being a big brother.
How are your 3 chd taking to the idea of a new baby?

Mummato4 Wed 18-Jun-08 09:44:04

Golly you've had loads to do.
My kids are really excited but getting abit fed up with the wait. The older two 16 and 13 have known about it from very early on as I fell preg 2 years ago and end ended up in hospital with an eptopic, had to have left tube removed was very ill. SO to be on the safe side we told them JUST incase. Luckly all is fine. DUe on Friday so fingers crossed it happens then, but I expect to be late. Having it at home too so should!!
Mummato4 x

JacobsPrincess Thu 19-Jun-08 09:11:52

I've always liked the idea of a homebirth, but DH is squeamish and anally tidy so he couldn't "stand the mess". Also with "diabetes" and asthma, I'm kind of forced into hospital birth. Was induced at +10 days last time, but he really didn't want to come out and finally appeared 2 days later with the help of forceps and brute force!
This time I'm going for compromise with Hubby and I'm insisting on labouring at home for as long as poss, before heading in for delivery - thankfully we live 500m from the hospital!

Mummato4 Thu 19-Jun-08 09:38:21

I know this sounds abit mad but I'm actually quiet worried that I wont realise that Im in labour. My first two where quiet quick the last about 6 hours which isnt long at all. I just hope that it is on time (ish) and quick. Fingers crossed.
One of my midwifes is a friend so that could be fun!!blush If it hasnt arrived by monday I am seeing mw for a membrane weep. SO hopefully not much longer!!!!!!!!!!! Sounds like you have had a tough time with the diabetes. Poor thing. I just have really swollen feet, better since I have stopped working full time and the worse heartburn.Lucky you the hospital is very close ours is about 30mins away lets hope for a easiy time.grinx

JacobsPrincess Thu 19-Jun-08 14:17:50

Diabetes thing was a bit overblown really. I was overweight to start with, and Grandad Aunt & Uncle have all had/have diabetes, so I was tested, despite not symptoms and previous healthy pregnancy. Blood Sugar level was 8.4, diagnosis point was above 8, so I was labelled Gestational Diabetes. Been monitoring it for 8-10 weeks now. BS never gone over 8 again, growth scans show baby is good size but not too big, dietician OK'd my low GI diet, and now obstetric consultant and Diabetic consultant have said they don't need to see me again until I go overdue. Fuss over nothing really! I will be indulging in a few creams now I'm not being monitored!!

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