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Dh moving to Huddersfield and needs a room in a nice (Mumsnet) family home

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SofiaAmes Thu 05-Jun-08 05:41:13

Dh would like to rent a room in a family home in Huddersfield starting in mid/late September (though he could start earlier if the situation was right).

It's a long a complicated story, but although dh and I are still happily married, he lives in the UK and I live in Los Angeles with ds and dd. Dh is finishing up an Honor's Business degree at Middlesex University and is then moving to Huddersfield to do a year's Foundation Course in Applied Sciences at Huddersfield University. He is a mature student and is a wonderful tenant. He currently rents a room from a family in London who would give him a glowing recommendation, as would his previous landlord. Before becoming a student, dh was a builder, so is very handy at fixing things. AND he loves kids, particularly babies (I have yet to meet a crying one that dh couldn't quiet) and is a good cook. He is a non-smoker and spends most of his time studying or sleeping and will not be bringing home guests or having parties.

Requirements: Non-smoking household and highspeed internet.

If any Mumsnetters have a place for my lovely dh....please post here or CAT me.

fatzak Mon 16-Jun-08 19:26:19

Hi Sofia! Whilst we can't offer your DH a room, I can have a look in the local paper and let you know if there are any rooms advertised? Thursday night is property night so I'll have a look and let you know. I'll have a think where else there may be places advertised. How much do you think he is looking to pay?

SofiaAmes Thu 26-Jun-08 14:51:31

Hi fatzak,
sorry I've taken so long to get back to you. For some reason the local chats don't show up in regular talk and I only just realized it. Anyway, I think we have found a place. Dh is going up for his interview and to view the place next week. But please keep your eyes open, just in case it's not right. The going rate for rooms in someone's house seems to be in the £65-75 a week range. But we are flexible for the right thing.

fatzak Sun 29-Jun-08 13:49:39

Hope the interview goes well and it's what he is looking for! Do you know where abouts it is?

SofiaAmes Sun 29-Jun-08 15:22:23

Thanks! The place is about 10 mins drive from the Uni. Appears to be near Fenay Bridge from the not so accurate map on the apts website. Dh is going to visit it after the interview. It sounds wonderful...a room (floor) in a family house. It's a couple with a toddler. Some meals are included (and I think they are Indian, so expecting some good food for dh).

fatzak Sun 29-Jun-08 22:39:54

Ooh not far from us if it's in Fenay Bridge! Will keep checking this thread if you post that it didn't work out so I can keep an eye out for you.

chickydee Mon 28-Jul-08 15:47:41

we have a speare room avaialble, so let me know if it doesnt work out!

SofiaAmes Wed 30-Jul-08 15:11:44

Hi chickydee. It may well not work out as previous lodger has not yet moved out (renovating new house and it's not finished on time). I'd love to hear more about you and your spare room.
There is a little complication on dh's side about getting a place at Huddersfield (being male he didn't quite get the application done in time). I'm fairly sure he will get a place anyway, however, he won't know until just when he starts (week of Sept. 22nd).
Why don't you CAT me and we can cyberchat.

chickydee Sat 02-Aug-08 18:57:51

Hi sofiaAmes, just to let you know we are in the Longwood area of Hudds,and the room is our converted cellar,it's got a radiater so its warm in winter etc,and has its own toilet room with a small sink in.
What sort of things would he like? Would he like to join us for meals etc,or prefer to eat on his own? There is a coomputer down there set up with printer etc and internet, the only thing is that when he requires a shower he would have to use the family bathroom,(not a problem to us, as long as he doesn't mind!)
My step daughter is supposed to be coming to live with us, but she isnt showing any sign of coming down,so the room might as well be put to use.
How lomg does he need it for?

SofiaAmes Sun 03-Aug-08 00:16:26

Hi Chickydee, I think dh was sort of hankering after his own shower, but he would love to come and try it out with you. He will need a place to stay from about the 23rd of September through June of the following year, but I'm sure he could find another place if your step daughter changes her mind.

I'm sure dh would love to join you for meals. He is also a great cook so will definitely happily participate in the cooking. He has his own laptop, so would really just need the connection to the internet.

I have sent you a message through Mumsnet so we can email directly.

lollybelle Sat 23-Aug-08 10:30:12

Hi SofiaAmes

Did you get sorted with a room? If not let me know as we may be able to help

SofiaAmes Sun 24-Aug-08 05:27:44

Hi lollybelle, no we haven't found a room yet. Unfortunately chickydee had a flood in hers, so we're still looking.

I'd love to hear more about your place!! Feel free to CAT me directly if you prefer. Dh, being a man, is completely not fussed that he doesn't have something lined up, and I on the other hand am panicking.

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