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Baby Expo 2008

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Lette Wed 28-May-08 10:38:28

Are there any mums who'd like to meet up at Baby Expo? My DP is working yet another weekend, so will be going with my ds who's 15 months?

BrummieOnTheRun Fri 30-May-08 20:25:56

Mumsnet have a stand, I think. They ought to organise an informal thing!

mummytwinkle Sat 31-May-08 07:53:27

The bars are going to be open !

georgiemummy Sat 31-May-08 09:32:06

there's so much going on though - I really want to go to the Gywneth Paltrow nanny 'terrible 2's' talk but maybe we could meet after that - by bouncy castles ? I will be there first thing as my eldest wants to see Bill and Ben !

BrummieOnTheRun Sat 31-May-08 10:47:19

Can we do one of those instant crowd things where you all turn up at the same time and sing a Rick Astley song?

mummytwinkle Sat 31-May-08 14:56:29

yes ! And lets get it filmed !!!! I'm sure they said there was a telly crew going

BrummieOnTheRun Sat 31-May-08 17:21:50

fantastic! And bring on the vino calypso!

I'll offer a chocolate prize for the first person to get Bill & Ben in a drunken rugby tackle on live TV.

mummytwinkle Sun 01-Jun-08 20:39:58

Excellent ! Maybe Sally Gunnell will referee ! Does it have to be a Rick Astley song ?

BrummieOnTheRun Sun 01-Jun-08 21:00:30

Oh God, is everyone too young for Rick? I was worried about that. How about Take That? I'll need to google the words, though, (either too many children or pre-senile dementia kicking in...I can't work out which).

Lette Tue 03-Jun-08 19:28:07

sadly not too young for Rick Astley!!

mummytwinkle Thu 05-Jun-08 05:54:51

It's the press launch today at the Brighton centre at 11 am and you can free Little Dish stuff and do a Pushy Mothers class. I'm sure there's a place for Rick too ! See you sunday girls !

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