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Can any ne help

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sonni81 Fri 02-May-08 10:54:53

its our anniversary and not sure of places to go wid the kids in tow!!!!!!!

furrycat Fri 02-May-08 12:45:47

How old are the kids? If in doubt we end up in Tootsies or Donatello

sonni81 Fri 02-May-08 14:10:43

i have a four year old son and a 15 month old girl

furrycat Fri 02-May-08 14:44:46

They'd be ideal then

sonni81 Fri 02-May-08 15:23:58

gonna ask u a real dumb ?? u cudnt tell me where they r cud u as i live in worthing and dnt get out much, lol i know i know SAD as it is!

furrycat Fri 02-May-08 16:30:55

Both in Brighton Lanes area. Donatello is in Brighton Place

sonni81 Fri 02-May-08 17:05:05


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