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hi all

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sonni81 Thu 24-Apr-08 23:54:40

i'm new to this i have only joined up, i have two young children and live in worthing area i need to make friends as i've seem to lost touch wid myself

Waytmi Sat 26-Apr-08 23:54:20

Hi. I'm in Lancing with 4 DC. How old are your dc? Whereabts r u? smile

sonni81 Mon 28-Apr-08 11:28:03

i have a boy who is four and a girl of 15 months so what do u do
thanks for msg me back holw old are u if u dnt mind me asking!!!!!!!!!!blush

Waytmi Mon 28-Apr-08 13:28:56

I'm now guessing I'm old enough to be your mum.... blush I'll say it quickly then run & hide !!!!!!!! 38 but don't tell anyone ok?! wink

sonni81 Mon 28-Apr-08 15:35:56

hahaha u joka neva to old as old as u feel really!!!!!!!

so how old is ur child

Waytmi Tue 29-Apr-08 10:35:11

So come on then- how old r u?!!

My kids r 11, 8, 2 & 1

Feeling broody as well wink

sonni81 Tue 29-Apr-08 15:37:57

I thought the name might of given u a hint but wiat for it i'm 26 going on 50 sometimes, BLIMEY u feel broody after FOUR i cant push no more after TWO lol!!!!!!!!!!111111

Waytmi Wed 30-Apr-08 22:32:17

Well I was wondering but names can be very deceptive!!

I'd miscalculated too, my maths is rubbish so thought u were younger than that lol!


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