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noddyholder Sun 20-Apr-08 12:16:32

Hi I remember when this was set up and I was to be a tsarina but I didn't realise it ever happened!And I have never seen it before.So sorry for being so useless I am going to get my act together and see what local stuff I can find although it looks like it is off to a good start!

BrummieOnTheRun Mon 21-Apr-08 18:49:59

I think we could definitely do with a tsarina! What shall we call you? Ma'am? grin

Lots of newbies to Brighton/Hove have turned up here, including me (although I'm getting a little stale now), so any suggestions would be gratefully received I'm sure.

Personally I'm just on a mission to eat my way around the city. <Thanks God for the hills or she'd be the size of a house>.

furrycat Mon 21-Apr-08 19:12:54

BrummieOnTheRun as a foodie can you recommend any decent restaurants (we don't go out much these days!) A friend of ours has married a Japanase lass and they are living in Japan. They are coming over and we are taking them out for a nice Brighton meal at the weekend but not sure where to go. Don't want a Chinese or a Thai for obvious reasons!

BrummieOnTheRun Mon 21-Apr-08 20:30:34

Oooo, there's a challenge. Well, so far, my 2 faves have been Gingerman (tiny, but some of the best food I've ever eaten with superb service) and Riddle & Finns (wonderful for a buzzy champagne celebration with plate after plate of fresh seafood).

On my wish list, because I haven't made it there yet, is Due South.

If anywhere else comes to mind, I'll add them...but I'd get on the phone and book soon because the good restaurants get booked ridiculously early it seems!

Hope you have fun wherever you end up! (I'm going to Tokyo next year, if you could get some recommendations for me, lol!)

furrycat Mon 21-Apr-08 22:03:31

BOTR, Thanks for reminding me about Gingerman - went there at Christmas and it's fab. Thought about Due South but have heard it's £££££!
Friend is living in Osaka not Tokyo - but will ask if he knows anywhere!

nellieloula Tue 22-Apr-08 18:15:52

Hello - thought I'd add some here! Due South is lovely but the service is always a bit hit and miss. Terre a Terre is the most amazing vegatarian place on the planet, loved by every carnivore I know. A total food experience. Hotel du Vin is fantastic for a real french brasserie type evening, quite pricey though but worth every penny I think. La Fourchette is alo great for authentic french fare, as is Pascals's brasserie. hope that helps! enjoy.

noddyholder Tue 22-Apr-08 19:58:40

Due south very nice but gingerman is my fave too.maybe we should have a food group rather than a book group.Also coriander in hove is lovely.

noddyholder Tue 22-Apr-08 20:00:12

Due south very nice but gingerman is my fave too.maybe we should have a food group rather than a book group.Also coriander in hove is lovely.

furrycat Tue 22-Apr-08 21:47:40

Thanks Nellieloula and Noddyholder - love the idea of a food group.....

BrummieOnTheRun Wed 23-Apr-08 22:35:21

I think that can be classified as a burst of restaurant porn, lol!

nellieloula Thu 24-Apr-08 10:01:21

I'd love a bit of brighton and hove food porn! going out for the frst time in months on sunday (since baby arrived) - with DH. Going to Riddle and Fins and have to say I can't wait. Really great seafood. Also, Aldo Zilli has opened a fish restaurant in the new myhotel next to the library.... this is a good thread! grin

BrummieOnTheRun Thu 24-Apr-08 12:39:00

I've only ever been to a Zilli restaurant once, and it was excellent. They used to run a kid's pizza making session in the basement on a sunday. They'd make a killing doing that in BN1. I'll await the first MN review! Enjoy R&F's (jealous).

I'm running out of inspiration on the daytime-affordable-non-chainy-buggy-friendly cafe/restaurant front, so if anyone has any suggestions, I'd love to hear them. Our usual haunts are tootsie's (although disappointed to hear they've been stealing their staff's tips!), marrocco's, wagga's, pintxo people....

nellieloula Thu 24-Apr-08 14:39:34

pizza making would be a goldmine! Can't wait to try it out there. Just thinking about where we go on the child friendly front..... have you been to the sanctuary? they have a big box of toys and big upstairs which is usually quiet; similarly, if you fancy lovely cake in more grown up surroundings i-gigi on western rod, hove is great - again, usually quiet so kids can be kids! we also go to yo sushi, pizza express, bills, st ann's well you know any other good ones??

BrummieOnTheRun Sat 26-Apr-08 10:04:43

cheers, Nellieloula! I haven't visited 3 of those suggestions. Appreciated. wink

penguinhandler Sat 17-May-08 19:20:11

How about China Garden? The Times says it's one of the top 20 Chinese restaurants in the UK.

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