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Can anyone recommend a plasterer in Croydon?

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NoNickname Sat 19-Apr-08 09:55:20

Title says it all really!

NoNickname Sun 20-Apr-08 10:11:30


NoNickname Mon 21-Apr-08 11:10:10


NoNickname Tue 22-Apr-08 14:44:10

One last attempt before I give up....

mymblemummy Wed 23-Apr-08 00:35:00

Sorry, no, but do post if you find one.

My house looks like a Swiss cheese.

NoNickname Wed 23-Apr-08 13:25:22

Our house too, mymblemummy. It's desperate. We stripped the wallpaper off and half the plaster came with it. Can't do it ourselves as it's over quite large areas and we will no doubt muck it up.

mymblemummy Wed 23-Apr-08 23:54:12

Oh poor you, I will ask around.

In the meantime, have you tried the household help noticeboard for the Croydon branch of

I think it is more their sort of thing.

I don't like to think how long we have been saying we will get the plaster sorted out, so long I think we don't really notice anymore (which doesn't mean it is minor!)

Missdaisydo Sat 21-Jun-08 21:08:45

I know you posted this a while ago but If you are still looking for a plasterer I can recommend one.


NoNickname Tue 01-Jul-08 13:54:51

Thanks Elaine - but I found one eventually. smile

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