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tubbycustard Tue 15-Apr-08 14:07:46

Can anyone recommend a good cleaner? We're in Preston Park / Fiveways area. I know there are lots of agencies but would rather pay the cleaner a bit extra than give comission to an agency. Any suggestions gratefully received! Ta!

sunnydelight Wed 23-Apr-08 08:52:05

Roll around laughing emoticom!!!!!!! Sorry, I'm being facetious, but having lived in Brighton for 12 years cleaners are like gold dust, you would only ever tell your BEST FRIEND who your cleaner was and then you would threaten her to never, ever reveal your secret to anyone else ............ When my cleaner left to have another baby I cried.

ferretneck Sun 27-Apr-08 00:13:19

Hi Tubbycustard, I know of a good cleaner who lives locally. If you want to contact me, email me directly :

P.S. She is also very fond of cooking and can knock up great cakes and kids' food. Can cook most ordinary fare like different types of pasta, salads, curries, roasts, bangers and mash, and makes scrummy desserts. Has vast experience cooking for children of all ages.

If you are interested email me.



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