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Hello Everyone :) Im new to Mumsnet

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AnisaLeahxxx Wed 02-Apr-08 01:03:52

Hello everyone, just thought id say hello, i usually go on bounty but just discovered this site....whats it like?

anyway im a new mummy, i have a 4month old daughter and live in the centre of brighton with my partner.

Looking foward to talking to you all

Anisa x grin

2shoes Wed 02-Apr-08 11:31:35

Hello and welcome. can i suggest you post again in chat as more people will say hello there.

BrummieOnTheRun Wed 02-Apr-08 11:46:19

you can tell the ones with new babies...1am posts, lol! Hi Anisa. How are things going with the little one?

I reckon the lack of brighton mums on here is because it's such a fab place to have kids grin.

mill1969 Thu 03-Apr-08 08:14:11

Hi Just out of interest. What makes you say Brighton's a fab place to have kids ?

BrummieOnTheRun Thu 03-Apr-08 09:38:28

Ah, brighton...I could list my favourite things to the Sound of Music tune, but I'll spare you that, lol!

Basically, it's a lovely place for kids to grow up, but also a great place for adults who have kids.

fiodyl Fri 04-Apr-08 12:41:49

Not like Lewes then where theres nothing to do, too man steep hills to push a buggy up and shops that you cant get into!!

Chanel26 Sat 05-Apr-08 14:34:19

Hi everyone I am a newbie, new mum to a 6 month old, and three other beautiful bundles of joy! I won't be saying that after half- term!
Look forward to hearing from you all.

MABS Sat 12-Apr-08 18:07:49

Why don't you come to the Brighton meet up next Sat lunchtime...we don't bite honest! Have a look at the thread in Meet Ups.

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