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antenatal yoga/exercise classes in the Borders?

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mybabysinthegarden Tue 01-Apr-08 16:12:46

Anyone know of any antenatal yoga or exercise classes in the Borders? My web searching has so far been fruitless. I know there's Aquanatal in Kelso but that's a bit far from me.

mamamia1 Mon 21-Sep-09 22:23:57

Hi there,

Just wondering if you found any antenatal classes in your search, albeit over a year ago?! I too am now looking and getting nowhere.


duffpancake Tue 13-Oct-09 21:19:41

Didn't have any luck I'm afraid; I never made it to the aquanatal at the Kelso pool but heard good things about it. I asked the midwife and she suggested finding a normal yoga class as the instructor would probably be able to help you adapt it to pregnancy-- but I didn't ever get quite that organised!

Good luck and hope you find something.

Cat111 Sun 21-Feb-10 19:42:52

There are really great aquanatal classes in Berwick-upon-Tweed run by the local midwives. Suspect if Kelso is too far this might not work either though, depending on where you're based in the Borders

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