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Any mums in Cuffley/Goffs Oak/Cheshunt?Brookmans Park etc?

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stressed2007 Sun 30-Mar-08 09:04:44

Hi., I am new to the area and was wondering what there is for little ones to do. For example playgroups/tumble tots etc. I got a pack from the local council but to be fair there wasn't much in it so I thought I would ask! Here's hoping!

Jenbot Fri 16-May-08 23:48:43

I'm in Cheshunt but I don't have any kids just yet. You'll have to advise me when mine pops out in a few months!

Vicky31 Sat 17-May-08 10:09:16

Hi. How old is your child/children?

I'm also in Cheshunt and have a six month old son. I'm going to take him to Musical Minis which is at Grundy park leisure centre but haven't been yet. They also do swimming lessons for little ones.

The library has baby rhyme time on the last Tuesday of the month and other story sessions for older children. There is a notice board in teh children's section of the library which I think has adverts for children's groups.

Hope that helps.

Good luck Jenbot. Do you know what you're having?

pscc Thu 02-Apr-09 16:39:51

We are moving into the area (Cuffley) and I knoe there is a mother toddler group at St Andrews on a monday morning at 10am- closed next week (for 2 weeks for easter)- but I will probably try it out for the first time on Monday 27th- if you are local and wanted to try it maybe we could look out for each other!

xnatalie81x Mon 05-Apr-10 17:42:16

I run a swim school for babies, toddlers and children. It is fun, non-competitive and a great social and developmental activity.

Cost is around £4.50 session (most swimming for babies are 10-15 per session!) payable termly (small terms of 6 - 9 weeks) and discounts for siblings.


Turnford School - Cheshunt - we have swimmers from Harlow, Tottenham, Southgate, Wood Green, Bishops Stortford as we are worth travelling for!

weasel1 Sat 10-Apr-10 13:05:46

Hi there, I am new to mumsnet and live in Cheshunt. Would love to chat to mums around this area and maybe find new things to do and places to go x x

Ere Thu 13-May-10 16:18:14

Hi, I am new to this. I moved to cheshunt about a year ago and dont know anyone! I would love to meet up with some mums, for some adult conversation lol. I have a 4month old son and dont really have the confidence for the mummy and baby groups. It would be great to get to knowa few faces

littlepony Wed 26-May-10 14:48:31

Hello, I have been living in west chehunt now for 3 months. I have DD aged 3.5 years.
Since moving here we have visited Cuffley library which is small but great for little one to be free and roam around, easy access to books on the shelves. We have been swimming at Grundy leisure centre at the old pond , cheshunt. This was a bit run down and the acilities wern't great, but still fun.! There is a great little playground behind the swimming pool.
Cedar park is great space with may different activities every saturday, themed make and do stuff. Also they have a reasonable cafe and a pets corner with birds and rabbits.

Thats it so far !

Fran12345 Mon 14-Jun-10 17:25:22


There is a nice soft play area on Andrew's Lane in cheshunt called cheeky monkeys. it's open 7 days a week and has an area for under 3's and over 3's. They have a cafe where you can buy reasonably priced food and drink.

I'm in Cuffley and have a 14 month old little boy. We sometimes go to sparklers mother and toddler group (suitable from birth) on Tuesday afternoon. It's only £1 a visit and you can drop in any time you don't need to pay for a term or anything like that, which is great. It's at Cuffley Free Church on King James Avenue Tuesdays 1.00 - 2.45.

Hope this helps! smile

BonF Wed 13-Oct-10 22:33:40

Little Fishes Baby & Toddler Group in Cuffley has been running for years. In The Undercroft of St Andrews Church at the top of the village. Monday from 10-1130am. Cost is £3 per week per adult with 1 or 2 children but payable in advance per term as numbers are limited!! Call 01707 876887 to check availability before arriving.
It's a lovely group. Lots of toys for all ages (0-4), art table normally playdoh or colouring. Tea & coffee for adults, juice & biscuit for the children if you want it. Toys tidied away by children and adults at 11.15 then everyone sits in a huge circle for singing time, it's great!!
You can attend one session as a visitor to see if it's suitable for you and your children.
Well worth a visit, hope this helps you and any other new mums or those moved into the area

CanaryWharfNowCuffleyMummy Wed 27-Jul-11 22:48:04

Hello, i am new to this site and also new to Cuffley. We moved here 3weeks ago from Canary Wharf London and have been trying to find classes/groups/mummy&toddler etc, for my two children - 21months girl and 6months boy. So far i have had no luck apart from story time at Cuffley Libarary on wednesdays at 2.15pm. If anybody can help i would really appreciate it. Would love to meet mums in the area with similar aged children, for children to play and get to know one another :-)

sugarsweet76 Sun 31-Jul-11 13:09:56

Hi there ladies,

Im new to mumsnet and fairly new to Broxbourne, where I live. I have an 8 month old son whom I love taking to mother and baby groups. We have a lot planned in for next few weeks so if anyone would like to join us at these groups or meet on a one to one them I'd love to hear from you.

hannahandrileysmum Tue 08-Nov-11 19:59:10


I currently live in Ireland, but my husband was born and raised in cheshunt and we are seriously thinking of moving back in 2012. I have a little girl of 4 and a boy of 9 months.. would you mind if I read this mails as I would be looking to meet up with some mums and join toddler groups

Bubzin Sat 14-Apr-12 18:12:27

Hi there,
We are moving to Cuffley from Brookmans Park because you "get more house for your money." Not sure about the secondary school transport from Cuffley to the local secondary schools. Is there a school bus ?
Are the schools good? Would love to hear from mums in the area.

Aaggaa Thu 31-May-12 21:00:15

Hi everyone,

We moved to Waltham Cross over a year ago and recently had a baby - she is 12 weeks. We would like to get out and about, I would love to meet other mums and join baby groups.
We love walking so dont mind activities in cheshunt etc.

Anyone local looking to meet up for walk with baby? We regularly go to lee valley, would love some company smile

Lynne85 Sat 16-Jun-12 17:39:57

My name's Lynne & I'm 27. I've got a little boy Kai who is just over 6 weeks. We live in Waltham Cross too, just over the railway bridge & love going for walks down Lee Valley. Weather permitting anyway! Just give me a shout if you'd like to meet up for a coffee, walk or to attend a group (still trying to find one in the area!) X

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