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Anyone with an aupair in Brighton/Worthing areas?

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totallyfloaty35 Fri 28-Mar-08 16:03:36

Hi my lovely austrian aupair is looking for some pals,she has very good english so has not needed to go to classes and hence has not really met many people,if you have an aupair/students staying with you who like to socialise can you get in contact please {grateful emotion}

kittywise Fri 28-Mar-08 20:07:43

Has she got any mates that need an au pair job in brighton/lewes area? <desperate emoticon>!!!

totallyfloaty35 Fri 28-Mar-08 20:56:46

will ask hersmile have you tried aupair world?i have had loads of applications on that site so their is a lot of girls looking.
Let me know when you get one and we can get them together wink

kittywise Fri 28-Mar-08 22:16:07

I think I have too many kids, I frighten 'em off!! I'm currently having more luck on Gumtree!

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