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Redbridge schools choral festival RAH 28/3/08

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PurpleOne Fri 28-Mar-08 00:39:24

Did anyone else's LO go to this one tonight?

This is the 2nd one I've been to, and must admit, I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.
Wasn't happy at the fact that there was no parent coaches laid on for us this time, so had to get Tube back and dd2 was the last one at school waiting. [gulp]

Who else went tonight?

totalmisfit Fri 28-Mar-08 12:32:00

my sisters were involved in this. i shall have to give them a call and see how it went. smile

PurpleOne Sat 29-Mar-08 02:12:53

Hope they had as much fun as I did.

This Redbridge forum is quite quiet...where do you live, just out of interest?

I'm in Barkingside.

totalmisfit Sun 30-Mar-08 19:04:03

Leytonstone! not even in Redbridge, i know, but they don't have a Waltham Forest Site!

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