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Excellent chefs are bringing food and dvds for my family now. HEAVEN!

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Spidermama Wed 26-Mar-08 18:20:47

First I swear I have nothing to do with this company and nor does anyone I know.

Has anyone else come across In2night? I had a leaflet through the door. I get curry delivered every so often and it's nice to have a change. They have a really good gourmet menu which is a affordable.

I'm so over excited about this (as someone who cooks at least one meal for six every day) that I'm trying to scream it from the rooftops ... thought I notice the Brighton branch of the MN local section isn't taking off so well.

Anyway, next time you just can't face the cooking ...

MABS Wed 26-Mar-08 20:51:09

let me know if it was good

Spidermama Wed 26-Mar-08 23:09:32

MABS it was great! Really nice food. Proper home cooking but done by someone else. We had butternut squash risotto (delicious if a little buttery, shephardess pie (with puy lentil sauce instead of meat - extra good), and the boys had some meaty stuff which I can't vouch for but was all organic and they ate it.

I have two DVDs from them for £2 each. They provide a SAE for you to pop them back.

We all have flu' and DH is in Budapest so a total life saver today. Phew!

MABS Fri 28-Mar-08 18:11:08

that sounds wonderful Spider, can you make the meet 19/4? x

Spidermama Sat 29-Mar-08 13:44:40

I'm desperate to meet as it's been so long but loathe to make any commitments as my diary changes by hour!

Thanks for pointing it out. I'll put it in the diary.

MABS Sat 29-Mar-08 16:11:08

just see how you go

Thefearlessfreak Tue 01-Apr-08 14:26:03

I have made this discovery Spider & am as pleased as you! It's been really lovely & we've had it about 3 times. So nice to get a film delivered too (AND a lovely apple crumble!)

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