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Info on the Portsmouth Area needed!

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Nenner Sun 23-Mar-08 15:01:43

Hi there

I'm hoping to use your wealth of knowledge My husband and I are moving to the area in early 2009 with our 16 month old and are in desperate need of information. We are looking for a safe, family friendly area(nice library, toddler groups, etc), close to some local shops as we just have one car. Our budget isn't vast, but we have done some looking in the Baffins Pond area but have recently heard that parking is a nightmare...

Do any of you live in an area you consider great for raising a young family? We can go as far north as Waterloovilleand as far west as Southampton if need be!

Thanks for any info you pass along!


jaspersslave Sun 23-Mar-08 16:06:04

parking is bad everywhere in portsmouth unless u have a drive.

we are in milton which i consider a nice area its not far from baffins area.
we dont have much of a yob problem round here.
there is a lovely library and a great park plus dozens of toddler groups.
there is also a row of local shops with everything u need. co-op buthchers post office,chemist etc
also it is on the main bus route for town and gunwharf and pretty much everywhere else

Pebblemum Sun 30-Mar-08 21:52:28

If you dont want to worry about parking its best to keep away from the centre of Portsmouth, the smaller towns are a lot better.

I live in Havant and think its great, its got a nice big park and lots of shops in the centre as well as others dotted around. Theres lots for mothers and toddlers to do. You are a short bus ride from Hayling Island which has lovely beaches (you can also walk/cycle along the billy trail to get to it if you are feeling fit) There is a train station so Portsmouth, Southampton, Fareham, Chichester etc are all within easy reach. I dont drive and never have a problem finding things to do with my DC. Waterlooville is another nice place to live, similar to Havant in what it offers.

Hope you find somewhere suitable for you, keep us informed grin

Nenner Mon 31-Mar-08 15:46:12

Thanks jaspersslave and Pebblemum for your replies! We're hoping to have some days out to check out specific areas - my hubby is even considering sleeping in the car to get a feel for they way neighbourhoods are at night, etc! Hope he doesn't alarm anyone! Pebblemum: Many people we've asked about Havant have told us to avoid Leigh Park- which of course is a large part of Havant! Not knowing the area ourselves, we have no idea who to believe. What do you say? Is your bit of Havant nicer than others for any reason? Why would someone think it was "rough"?

Thanks again for your input!

dylansaunty Mon 31-Mar-08 17:05:32

Leigh park was the largest council estate in Europe (i think) when it was built. this lead to it getting a reputation. I would say some parts are ok, others not so good. There are some lovley parts of Havant. I live in Waterlooville. I like it, but not too good for transport links.

Nenner Mon 31-Mar-08 19:08:49

Thanks, Dylansaunty! I won't have a car, so being able to get out and about easily with little ones will be a big factor in where we buy. Would be thrilled if you wouldn't mind saying which places are better than others in Havant & Waterlooville! It's really hard judging from the listings and estate agents will be vague, I'm sure!

Thanks again!

Pebblemum Mon 31-Mar-08 22:11:27

Nenner Leigh Park is a lot better now than it was a few years ago, most of the problems now seem to occur in Warren Park (which used to be lovely when i grew up there)I live in West Leigh, which also used to be known as a dump but the part that I live in is nice. If you find somewhere that looks nice but want to know more about the road/area it is in, let me know and i will be glad to help.

Other places around Havant that are nice are Bedhampton, Emsworth, Rowlands Castle (although I think the houses there can be pricey and its not on a major bus route)Hayling Island (although again can be pricey). Waterlooville has many nice areas to it but I would stay away from Weacock Farm. Its not as bad as it used to be but its not great either. Cosham and Drayton arent too bad (they're kind of in between Havant and Portsmouth) I have family/friends who are dotted all around so once again feel free to ask any questions

Nenner Sun 06-Apr-08 22:22:44

Pebblemum; thanks very much! Where exactly is Weacock Farm?

Sidge Fri 25-Apr-08 21:33:31

Portchester near Fareham is nice.

Kally Thu 05-Jun-08 17:42:04

Leigh Park is where I grew up in the 60's and it was beautiful back then. I lived abroad for 30 years and came back and rented a house on the very street I grew up on. The houses are well built council houses and the streets are lined with huge oak tres and vast spacious grass lawns. It really is lovely. BUT and its a big BUT that made me move away... there are a lot of bored kids around who vandalise and create havoc. All the big old pubs are derelect and empty and burned out at least twice a month... Its a real shame because it is truly a lovely place to live scenic wise. Schools are good too, very accomodating and well looked after. Shopping, well your not far from Pompey just a 10 minute drive and your in the town center,
I since have moved to Southsea, but regularly visit family in Leigh Park. It feels like a warp zone to me now. Southsea is lovely, right by the sea, huge huge old houses, multiracial, lots of nice little shops and pubs and restaurants. Again, parts of it better than others. But all in all nowhere is far away around here, its all accessible of you drive. Its all pretty and blue and watery whereever you go in this radius.

nicholsonjs Tue 07-Oct-08 17:24:05

Nenner, Have just joined mumsnet and have seen your message. You may want to consider Southsea (some parts better than others). The houses on the South side of Albert road tend to be more expensive (probably because they are closer to the sea)I have lived on both sides and have really enjoyed both. The common is great during the summer (they is always something to do with the kids) and I love being a walk away from the coast. There are great little shops in Albert Road (which now holds 'Love Albert Road' days every so often (really fun) and Palmerston Road has all the other shops you will probably need. I have lived in Southsea for 8 years and love it. It is a City so you take the rough with the smooth but you can't bet the seafront in the Summer. Hope this helps.

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