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hello local mums

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gemat Fri 21-Mar-08 07:57:18

havent been on for ages, hope everyone is well, i am still in desperate need of adult conversation, does anyone else feel the same. if so. contact me and we can arrange some local meets.

Araldia Sat 22-Mar-08 19:29:55

Adult conversation? Where can I sign up??

gemat Sat 22-Mar-08 21:11:12

oh my god a reply!!!!, sign up immediately, where are you from,

Araldia Sun 23-Mar-08 15:38:48

not far from cardiff, what about yourself?

jofeb04 Sun 23-Mar-08 19:27:28

I'm also near Cardiff!

gemat Sun 23-Mar-08 20:04:35

hi girls i live in marshfield which is not far from cardiff. shall we arrange a meet. my daughter is off school for 2 weeks, shes 5 and my little boy is 2, be nice to meet up whats best for everyone

jofeb04 Mon 24-Mar-08 10:44:41

I'm on call for three weeks for a client,so I may have to shoot off quickly!

gemat Mon 24-Mar-08 20:45:16

no problem, what do you do im curious, i bet your life is a lot more interesting than mine.

Araldia Thu 27-Mar-08 17:14:53

oops sorry, forgot about this thread in the mania that is our lives! I wont be free till after the kids go back to school really, on accounts of having 5 of them, two ill IL, and a university assignment to finish.

gemat Thu 27-Mar-08 18:06:27

ok girls lets meet up when kids are back in school, everyone ok with that, dont mind where we meet, any ideas

jammi Thu 01-May-08 10:47:39

Message withdrawn

gemat Tue 06-May-08 18:03:50

yep still here but got a bit fed up because noone seemed to be around.

jammi Mon 12-May-08 21:32:42

Message withdrawn

chatty1 Fri 30-May-08 22:44:23

i am new, I have a two year old boy, sometimes I take him to cafe junior, perhaps do you fancy a meet up there?

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