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Looking for local teens for market research and don't know any, help.

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madamez Thu 20-Mar-08 15:14:17

I need to find teenagers in Year 9 or Year 11 for a market research project. It involves interviewing four teenagers and one of each tenager's parents, interviews take about 20 mins and you get a voucher for participating. Has anyone got DC in this age group who go to Croydon Colege, Edenham High, Coloma COnvent, Addington High, St Josephs (in Beulah Hill) or Harris Federation?

I know this is a long shot but I am flapping as I am not native to the area and the only people I know only have preschoolers...

serenity Fri 21-Mar-08 01:34:28

Unfortunately I know yr10 teens, at different croydon schools but at least you're getting a bump!

madamez Fri 21-Mar-08 10:12:42

Thanks Serenity. Do any of the teens you know, know anyone in the relevant year/school, (I am so old that I canot remember how much teens socialise with kids who go to other schools...).

serenity Sat 22-Mar-08 15:49:32

sorry, pc's dead (again) so not on here that much atm. I'll ask. smile

serenity Sat 22-Mar-08 15:56:07

ok, just rung my 'contact' lol. He knows yr10s at those schools, but no 9s or 11s.

NoNickname Thu 24-Apr-08 11:54:36

Can you not just email the school(s) and ask for volunteers?

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