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mill1969 Thu 20-Mar-08 08:26:12

When do toddlers have to start wearing proper shoes and where is good to get them from in Brighton?

furrycat Thu 20-Mar-08 11:07:35

Not sure of the rules but mine started wearing them as soon as they were walking outside.

Best place by a mile is Shoozoo in Montefiore Road near St Ann's Wells gardens.

mill1969 Fri 21-Mar-08 09:32:31

OK thanks. Will check it out

Thefearlessfreak Fri 21-Mar-08 12:06:08

That's handy - I wanted to put a thread on to ask where else to go for toddler shoes than Clarks! Thanks

sunnydelight Fri 28-Mar-08 02:59:40

I used to go to elizabrown in Barcombe. Yes, it's a bit of a drive out of town (but very pretty!) but there is lots of free parking, a good selection of funky shoes and no pressure to buy if they haven't got anything you like.

I personally found Shoozoo extremely expensive and DS2s school shoes bought from there certainly didn't last as well as they should have.

There is a place at the bottom of East Street that stocks unusual makes as well. Toby Tiger has lovely stock, but they aren't trained to fit properly.

Thefearlessfreak Tue 01-Apr-08 14:28:21

I was just told about the Barcombe one yesterday Sunny. I am going to go there for sure with ds. Hope all is well for in Oz; I met you at a Brighton meet up a couple of years ago smile

MABS Sat 12-Apr-08 18:10:44

Klodhoppers in Blatchington Rd , Hove is fab.

Why don't you all come to the Brighton meet up next Sat lunchtime...we don't bite honest! Have a look at the thread in Meet Ups.

Hiya Sunny Darling xx

HeadHeartorHormones Sun 20-Apr-08 14:47:14

If you don't mind a drive we've had good service from here too:

Hurstpierpoint - just off the A23

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