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School starter in September at Rokesly...childcare needed!

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Katarnull Mon 17-Mar-08 11:55:34

Hope someone out there can help. My son starts school in September (gulp) and I need to sort out childcare for him at least 2 mornings (from about 7.30) and 3 afternoons (picking up from school until 6/6.30).

He's been going to nursery until recently and is incredibly sociable but I want to give him time to get used to someone new before he kicks off at school in the autumn. Does anyone have any advice/ have a nanny to share/ know a good childminder/ in the same situation and wants to join forces!!

Any help would be most gratefully received!

CPearl Tue 07-Jun-11 17:02:07

Hi there - I am in a very similar situation. My daughter starts school in September too. Up to this point she has been at nursery and is similarly sociable. We need before and after school care 4 days a week. A bit of a mine field! I have heard the YMCA after school club is good???

We are also in need of a good (shared?) childminder? Not sure whether you got sorted already - great to know.


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