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Castle Bromwich and around. Need adult conversaion

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Debsicle Fri 14-Mar-08 10:28:41

Hi, I'm Deb mom to samuel born 9/2/08. Me and samuel have done lots of walking and trips out in the car (sends him to sleep!!)but there are only so many times I can go for coffee on my own! (My mom is ok to do this with but in small doses..I'm sure you understand)
Anyone in Castle brom or surrounding areas to contact for adult coffess along with our lovely babies of course!

SpongebobControlpants Tue 18-Mar-08 18:50:06

Hi Deb

I'm in Castle Brom (just inside Smith's Wood, strictly speaking)

Where DO you go for coffee round here?? There isn't anywhere decent, really is there? I often go to Morrison's with my DD (12 months old).

Have you joined any toddler/baby groups? The Castle Brom children's centre will be opening after Easter (next to the infant school on Hurst Lane North). I sometimes go to the Smith's Wood centre, and I also go to Rainbow Toddlers (there are babies there) on Mondays 10-12 and Wednesdays 11-1 at the Methodist Church on Timberley Lane.

Debsicle Fri 21-Mar-08 10:37:44

Useful info thanks. Will give castle brom childrens centre a go then as I can walk to that. Hopefully have adult talk as well as babbling incoherently at sam all day in baby talk.
I tend to go to Fort for coffee. Do you drive? Love costas double choc muffins there or M and S coffee. Not meant to be eating cakes as trying to get back into shape but if my other half can't see me doing it then its ok! I don't think the calories count if you eat themin a diferent postcode to your own!

SpongebobControlpants Sun 23-Mar-08 12:45:01

Hi again,

We only have one car, and DH uses it for work, so I'm stuck with walking everywhere, or using the bus. I like going to Solihull for shopping, but the 71 bus just takes forever.

I don't think there's a direct bus from here to the Fort.... do let me know if you know of one.

I know what you mean about the cakes - I seem to live on them sometimes! I should leave my purse at home when I go out for walkies with DD!

I'm hoping to get details of the Castle Brom children's centre through the post anytime, so I'll post them on here for you, if you like.

Debsicle Mon 24-Mar-08 16:50:33

That would be really fab if you could do that. Thanks.
I think to get to Fort on bus you get 71 up to sainsburys and then a 68 to Fort. Know what you mean about it taking ages to Solihull ...did it when couldn't drive after having Sam because of Caesarean... an hour!! Whats that about?

SpongebobControlpants Wed 26-Mar-08 15:13:31

I had a c-section too!

I've just looked at your profile - we're the same age, and I used to be a teacher (only for a couple of years, and it was a good few years ago). Quite a coincidence! I haven't got round to doing a profile, as I'm a lazy so-and-so....

Perhaps we should meet somewhere, each holding a copy of the financial times or something! We've probably seen each other around walking babies without knowing it. Mine has a fairly distinctive fleecy blanket - wavy multi-coloured stripes!

Debsicle Fri 28-Mar-08 18:49:29

OOOOooh you're posh if it's to be the financial a push the Daily Mail or Heat magazine if i'm in my celebrity gossip filled mood.
Perhaps we should meet. These days my conversation includes bunny rabbit, doggies, nap naps, bops (for bottles) and "who's a handsome boy!!" Top intellectual stuff.

SpongebobControlpants Mon 07-Apr-08 13:00:09

Definitely not posh!

I've finally received the programme from the children's centre. The centre itself won't be open for another couple of weeks, but they do run a toddler group at the community centre next to the junior school Tues 9.30 - 11.00 and Weds 10.00 - 11.30. I'm going along to the Tuesday one tomorrow, so I'll let you know if there are any young babies there (unless you want to go and find our for yourself, of course!)

If you're a knitter (I am!) they will be starting a group at the new centre on Weds 23rd 1.15 - 2.45. You can book baby into the creche, and do some knitting and chatting. I was going to this type of group at the Smith's Wood centre, but thought I'd try this new one when it starts.

If you want any more info, or to book the creche, phone the Smith's Wood centre on 770 7737.

Maybe I'll see you at something soon...

Debsicle Mon 07-Apr-08 22:06:33

Yes please let me know if there are any babies there tomorrow. If so I will go next week. He's got to go to doctors tomorrow to have his check up to see if he is fit and healthy for his first set of immunisation.
Can't knit to save my life or crochet. Can just about sew on a button. Hopeless aren't I?

SpongebobControlpants Tue 08-Apr-08 16:20:32

Hi again Deb

There were a couple of babies - a 5 month old, a 6 month old and a 10 month old. Other than that there were about 10 toddlers, not sure how many they usually have. It's a nice group, with a couple of the children's centre staff there. No cuppa for us adults though, but what do we expect for 30p!!

The one I go to tomorrow, at the church on Timberley Lane, costs £1.75 and you do get a cuppa there. It's cold in the church hall, though, so if you feel like coming along wrap up fairly warm! There's usually a baby or 2 there, and mine isn't mobile yet, despite being nearly 13 months old - she just sits quite happily smiling at people.

I might be going to the Fort on Thurs, as I have the car, so perhaps if that's a day you go there, we can rendezvous clutching a copy of Heat magazine!

Debsicle Wed 09-Apr-08 19:42:46

Nearly made Timberley Lane this morning but running late as Sam decided it would be fun to poo all over his clothes as we were leaving. Nice of him to share things with me.
I will proabably be at the Fort tomorrow around 2.30 by Boots if you are up there. I won't be wearing a red rose or anything like that. Might see you there.Will have my Heat magazine just in case!

SpongebobControlpants Thu 10-Apr-08 08:47:07

Ooh lovely - I'm glad we don't have the liquid poo stage anymore!!

I'll be there a bit earlier today. I have to be back here for 3ish for the step kids to come home from school. I'll probably be doing lunch in M&S at about 12.30. Sounds grand, but doing lunch means Bella gets lunch, I get coffee and a cake!

If you happen to be there that early, come and say hello. We'll have an orange/black buggy with an orange flowery blanket in it!

Debsicle Thu 10-Apr-08 09:37:30

I'll be at the swimming baths at that time. My first bit of exercise since Sam was born. My mom has actually agreed to have him for a couple of hours without moaning. May be there at 1.30 if i get too exhausted and cannot swim another stroke.
I do not hae fancy coloured pushchair..just plain grey colour but a handsome boy inside it.
It is an unwritten rule that if baby has lunch when you are out, mummy must have a cake.May see you there.

SpongebobControlpants Thu 10-Apr-08 14:06:15

The pushchair isn't that fancy - it's a mothercare number that I bought in haste, mainly cos I like orange things! Not that brilliant, and now only use it in the car or on the bus. I got a black/grey 3-wheeler off ebay that i use otherwise, with the whacky stripy blanket I mentioned above.

I'm full of good intentions to go swimming, and they do have a creche (do you go to Chelmsley pool?) so I have no excuse. I just don't like the sight of myself in a swimsuit, so I keep putting it off. Might make it my Thursday thing, as I tend to have the car, and I'd rather drive than bus if I'm going to be faffing about with all the drying/changing palaver....

I kept looking at mums with suitably small babies, wondering if they were you.... it's amazing how many pushchairs are out there, when I never used to notice before.

Maybe catch you next week at one of the local groups. I forgot to mention, I used to go to the NCT baby cafe at the Renewal Centre on Lode Lane in Solihull. Took forever to get to on the bus, and I never met anyone there from this neck of the woods. But it was nice to go there and meet other mums with tiny babies. I stopped going when all the others I used to chat to started back at work, or moved on to toddler groups. That's when I actually found the local groups to go to instead.

Debsicle Thu 10-Apr-08 17:16:52

I too looked at all pushchairs and you are right, there seems to be quite a few. Never noticed this before i had Sam. I didn't have cake as it would have undone all my good work as I managed 30 lengths of Chelmsley but still managed an M and S sandwich and latte!
Hope to catch you at a local group. I need to work myself up to go into a room of strangers. Sounds odd doesn't it? I can happily walk into a class of 30 year 6 children but a room of adults not as easily.

SpongebobControlpants Fri 11-Apr-08 09:17:47

30 lengths!!!! I'd be pushed to do 3, I reckon. Mind you, I'm not a good swimmer at all, so that explains it! I do it because it's such good exercise.

I know what you mean about walking into a new group. I don't mind too much meeting new people, but I don't like the feeling I get on the first visit to a group that every single person is looking at me, when of course they're not!

Where did/do you teach? Are you planning to go back after your maternity leave?

Debsicle Fri 11-Apr-08 20:57:40

I teach in Chelmsley Wood, in a rowdy year 6 class who I quite like and get on with but the teacher who has my class is struggling a bit and they are on the verge of being out of control.
I am going back June least there are only 7 weeks left then until the end of term before I get another 6 weeks with my boy.You said that you used to teach..not tempted to go back?
My aim for next week is to definitely attend a group. I will do it. It will be good for me to meet other moms and good for Sam too.
Thank god it's the weekend. It means my other half has to do the night feed. Hooray!

SpongebobControlpants Sun 13-Apr-08 15:14:47

Not really tempted to go back, as it's been a very long time (I only taught for a couple of years, over 10 years ago!) But sometimes am tempted, especially as DH is a teacher, and we'd get the same holidays!

The Tuesday group definitely has the largest number of smaller babies, so that might suit you better. The monday and weds ones at timberly are defnitely more toddlers. Out of those, i prefer the weds, as it's a bit more laid back.

Do excuse my spellng, can't be bothered to correct it today!

If you likr, I can wait for you outside the Tues one and we can meet properly! Otherwise, I hope to see you in there....

Debsicle Mon 14-Apr-08 10:10:02

That sounds good. So that's the one at the community centre at 9.30 isn't it?
I'll walk up so I will probably have to get up at 5 to organise myself! You would think that as he is now 2 months old, I would have sussed how long it takes to get him fed, washed and clothed. Oh well have next 18 years to practice.
See you tomorrow. Thanks.

SpongebobControlpants Mon 14-Apr-08 13:02:54

Yes, it's 9.30 til 11.00. See you then!

Debsicle Thu 17-Apr-08 08:30:57

Was nice to meet you t'other day. Must persuade my mom that sam goes there once I am back at work.Now that i have been once I would be fine going again, the people seem very nice.
I can't go next week as I have an appointment and we are going to Wales for a couple of days too. Something to look forward to. Hurray!

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