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Anyone know a good acupuncturist (Is this even a word) in Edinburgh, preferably one who does home visits ?

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rookiemater Tue 04-Mar-08 21:02:36

From another thread someone recommended acupuncture as a good way to ease period pain, but there is a bit of a bewildering list on google. I work and live South side so if anyone can recommend a practicioner there or one who does home visits, I'd be very grateful.


liath Wed 05-Mar-08 12:30:32

Napiers are very good, there's one on Bristo Square - herbalist, massage, alternative practitioners etc. I went there for reflexology. I don't know if they do home visits. HTH

baiyu Thu 16-Oct-08 11:08:56

I've heard that Ming Chen in Leith is excellent.

baiyu Thu 16-Oct-08 11:09:17

sorry just realised how old this thread is!!

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