Anyone here near Thame?

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cherryyellow82 Fri 29-Feb-08 19:51:59

as thats where I live & would love to meet-up with some Mams x

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CleoD Sun 08-Jun-08 14:53:04

Hi there - Im not there yet but will be soon in Thame that is!! we are moving over in August so keep in touch - having first baby on the 4th of JUly so big changes all around!

cherryyellow82 Thu 06-Nov-08 22:25:39

Only just remembered about this! Did you have the baby on 4th July? - thats my sons birthday he was 5 this year. Where in Thame are you? xxx

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CleoD Sat 27-Dec-08 18:39:11

hi cherry yellow - im in overton drive we are set up now finally - would be nice to hook up if you fancy it. Thats funny that your son has the same birthday!

Pancake2608 Tue 27-Jan-09 15:13:24

Hi, I'm just round the corner from you on Cromwell Avenue, have 2 girls, 3 and 14 months. Let me know if you fancy meeting x

NancySp Sun 20-May-18 22:02:20

Hello lovely mums! We are planning to move in Thame this summer. We are looking into a property in Thame close to Roundhead Dr. Is it a good area there? Is there any area we should avoid in the town? Many thanks for all the help.

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