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Advice for new mum moving to area

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rebeccajoe Sun 24-Feb-08 20:21:42

Hi I was hoping someone out there would be able to give some friendly advice.

I am due to be a first time mum in May and my husband and I are moving to Cardiff with his work.

I would really appreciate some advice on the following areas.
* Where to live for families (nice areas)
* How to meet other people with young ones
* Any other advice about Cardiff

Thanks in advance


dirtygertiefromnumber30 Mon 25-Feb-08 12:41:12

hi rebecca,

you'll love cardiff, its fab!

With regards to where to live, it depends on your budget and what you like.

The affluent areas in Cardiff are Lisvane and Cyncoed (great schools in these areas too) but house prices V expensive.

Whitchurch is also very family friendly, loads of parks, shops and good schools and much more affordable.

Then there's the slightly more bohemian areas (this is where i live!) of Roath Park and Penylan which is mainly victorian terraced properties and can be quite studenty in parts but has great schools (roath park primary and marlborough road) and is on the doorstep of two great parks, nice shops and cafes (wellfield road and albany road)

Depending on where you live there are tons of mum and baby groups where you can meet other mums or you may want to join your local NCT. There are lots of soft play centres and child friendly cafes or you could join a baby class (monkey music, waterbabies etc)

If you let us know where you might be moving to I'll be able to give you some more details of whats around / things to do.

Good luck with the move!

foodfiend Mon 25-Feb-08 14:55:02

Hi Rebecca and welcome to Cardiff. It's a great place to bring up children. My husband and I have recently moved here from London - back home for me as I grew up in Penarth.

Penarth is a great place for families - it's in the Vale of Glamorgan rather than Cardiff itself, but just the other side of the Bay, so very near, with excellent public transport connections into town. Schools are really good, and there are loads of young families. The beach is pebbly, but nice for strolls, as is the marina.

There's a good mix of types of home, with bigger (more expensive!) detached houses and gigantic, beautiful Victorian piles in Lower Penarth, more modern family homes out in Cosmeston and Sully: (might suit you if you're more car users), and modern flats and townhouses in the Marina (probably not ideal for babies and toddlers).

More Victorian terraces in town, and the 'top of town' area: this used to be quite run down, but now it has a view of the Bay instead of the docks and tidal mudflats, and they're demolishing the derelict Council estate, so this area is getting very popular now.

Good luck with the move and with the pregnancy.

BonyM Wed 27-Feb-08 21:59:13

Hi Rebecca,

North Cardiff is generally better than South - Whitchurch is lovely (I live there!), it has a great village atmosphere, good schools and loads of young families and mother & baby groups. Rhiwbina is also nice (smaller than Whitchurch) and if you are looking for a bit cheaper, Thornhill is a big modern housing area good for families.

The nice thing about Cardiff is that although it is a city, it is also quite small (known amongst locals as "Cardiff the village"!) and it has a very friendly feel to it.

I don't know anyone who doesn't like it!

mayx3 Mon 03-Mar-08 17:07:00

Hi Rebecca,

Sounds like you're in exactly the same situation as me. I'm also due in May and my husband starts a job in Cardiff in early August. We'd like to live out of town, but not too remote (we'll probably only have one car so I'd like to be walking distance to at least one shop). But we'd also like a garden and not too far from countryside, we're moving from London so looking forward to living in a smaller place. Anyway we've been to visit the area a couple of times and are thinking about Dinas Powys - anyone any feedback on that as an area to live with children?



PeachesMcLean Sat 08-Mar-08 21:42:12

Rebecca, Cardiff is a great place to live - not too big and very good parks throughout. do come back and tell us more about what you're looking for so we can advise some more grin

Sorry Mayx3, I don't know Dinas so well - apart from a lovely but very trendy and childless friend of mine says it's dead there. So could be perfect for young families!

vicsta Sun 09-Mar-08 12:30:01

Mayx3 - Dinas is lovely. Sadly I live in Cardiff but am looking for future move to smaller town & Dinas on Hit list! everything seems close by, schools small & in walking distance, lovely open areas and a good clutch of shops. Train station also in heart of town. Cowbridge (V expensive) is also fantastic, but out of my reach till lottery win.

chatty1 Sat 31-May-08 20:26:37

hi rebecca,
i hope you will like cardiff. I have been living here for 10 years and I think it is really nice specially since they are expanding in cardiff bay lovely area to go for walks, restaurants. I have a 2 year old and I come from madrid a lot smaller here definitevely but nicer for children.let me know how you are getting on.

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