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Playground by West Pier

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taczilla Mon 11-Feb-08 21:54:50

Hello Brighton/Hove mums and dads I just wanted to warn you in a non hysterical way that I caught a man taking a photo up a mums skirt today at this playground. I had a gut feeling about him to start and hence I was keeping half an eye on him to see if he was with a child as he had one of those small cine camera things and didn't appear to be a parent. Anyway the woman he photographed very bravely made him delete the picture and he left sharpish. However a few women outside the cafe when they saw me confronting him approached me to say he had been taking pictures of children but like most people felt unsure about it. I had seen him stick the camera under her skirt so was in no doubt. Anyway keep an eye out if you can he left with a woman in a wheelchair.

Thefearlessfreak Tue 11-Mar-08 12:22:00

Only just saw this message but thanks for posting it taczilla!

sunnydelight Tue 01-Apr-08 04:50:54

I hated this playground when I lived in Brighton. Everyone raves about it, and it looks like the most pleasant place to hang out, but I knew far too many social workers who said that every time they went there they saw men they knew in a professional capacity!

Thefearlessfreak Tue 01-Apr-08 14:29:28

Ugh! hmm

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