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Moving to Bow...

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SlimX Fri 08-Feb-08 23:06:11

Hello all,
I am thinking of moving to Bow - somewhere near Tredegar Square maybe - with partner and our 6 month old daughter. I will be working nearby after maternity leave (walking distance) and tube connections seem great for him. Does anyone know what it is like to live here? Safe? Like-minded families around?? Things to do?? Any thoughts appreciated please...

e14mum Sat 09-Feb-08 22:10:26

Tredegar Square is lovely- I know a few moms around there who find lots to do. There's an Idea Store (library) on Roman Road not far, and the Overland Children's Centre on Parnell Rd is supposed to be good. Not my own experience, of course. The NCT in Tower Hamlets seems to do a lot as well and they have E3 coffee mornings I think.

Erie Fri 29-Feb-08 14:41:32

I lived in coborn rd (next to tred. square)in 2003 after coming from ireland to be with my husband. I now have a property in bethnal green but plan to move back to Bow as soon as I can afford a house there. there is a fairly high crime rate across tower hamlets but ultimately it's a fab place to live and I wouldn't be happy anywhere of luck with the move.

Bessie123 Thu 24-Jul-08 15:03:15

There is loads and loads to do with babies round there. It is a great place to live, although my friend got hit over the head with a bottle and mugged in Tredegar Square.

KiwiKat Wed 13-Aug-08 14:37:16

We have friends who live there, and nearby, and they all love the area.

Forensica Fri 22-Aug-08 17:15:15

Hi, I have lived by Roman Road for 2 years,walking through Tred.Sq. every day when going to the Mile End tube. TS seems like the nicest part of Bow, never had a problem with security, the pub at the corner is very nice. We have bought a house by Bromley By Bow where we lived for past 2 years.I reckon, both of these areas are pretty boring to be honest.Houses are mostly council, not much shops around,Roman Rd. market not very nice, only one gym by Mile End (which I have long 25mins walk). I reckon the only great thing is Vicky park. Sorry that I do not share the opinion of the others here blush.

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