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Is there anybody out there??? Anyone live in Stoke lol??

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sl4634 Mon 04-Feb-08 23:42:42

Looking for fellow mumsnetters in Stoke On Trent?? Anyone????

Clare1981 Thu 07-Feb-08 14:10:27

New to mumsnet, new to motherhood! Hi there! I'm living in Stoke on Trent - regrettably!!! R we in the minority then !?!

happyness Sun 16-Mar-08 22:31:07

Hey if u still interested I too am from sunny old Stoke lol

angiebaby78 Mon 17-Mar-08 12:21:59

Hello from stoke, JUst found the local bit of mn, been on for about a month now, must say its highly addictive !!! Hello claire 1981, how new to motherhood are you?? (nosy) I have ds (12) dd1 (10) and dd2 (2) so hello to you all from me .

happyness Tue 18-Mar-08 20:10:54

Hi angiebaby78 I have been on and off this site for quite a while have only just found the local bit of mn too. I have dd1(10)ds(5) and dd2(2).

angiebaby78 Tue 18-Mar-08 20:31:44

Hello there happyness its nice to know im not talking to myself!! Was kinda thinking that way. YOur dcs are a similar(ish) age to mine. Any problems round your way with the high school issue ???

happyness Tue 18-Mar-08 21:30:55

my dd1 and ds go to local catholic school and will be going to catholic high school, luckily they are keeping the school open so shouldn't be a problem for us, how bout u?

angiebaby78 Wed 19-Mar-08 13:36:31

Well oldest (ds) is at high school (year 7), now its closing !! dd1(year 5) wants to go there but its due to close in 2010 or 2012 so i dont know what to do. Its just such a pain in the arse to send them there for a year and then the whole school moving miles up the road. Really frustrated at council have sent lots of emails comlaining but no joy its gonna close no matter what the parents want. Was gonna try to get them into st peters cause they are apparantly taking on more local kids !! ( smug) but it probably wont work. Ds is doing really well at school as well which is frustrating to get them settled then move again. As for dd2 Shes not two tell next week so no issues there yet. XXX

Clare1981 Wed 02-Apr-08 10:42:22

Sorry, haven't been on the site for ages. Facebook has taken over and I'm now addicted wish I'd never been persuaded to sign up!)

Alfie is now 10 weeks old! He's just gorgeous (although less so at 3 o'clock in the morning wink). He's probably fed up of me talking about him (and posting pictures of him on the net). Don't think they get what all the fuss is about! xxx

pink1970girl Tue 06-May-08 13:24:00

I'm Joanne, live in Stoke area, have DD 2.5 years and DS due in10 days according to EDD.
Any local mums into cloth nappies?

islandofsodor Mon 12-May-08 11:27:23

Hi Joanne

I used to use cloth nappies with ds but he is now 4 so we have passed that stage.

KJE69 Thu 21-Jul-11 01:25:09

Yeah I'm new to Mumsnet and living in Stoke on Trent (unfortunately!) I got a 15year old son and I find its hard going, what with being a Single Mum. Is there anyone out there with a similar situation? I'm living with an impatient mood swinger that likes to say NO! lol

KJE69 Thu 21-Jul-11 01:29:28

Yeah Im new to mumsnet and living in Stoke on Trent. I've got a 15 year old boy and I'm finding it hard, what with being a Single Mum. I'm living with an impatient mood swing that likes to say NO lol anyone out there with a similar situation?

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