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Brighton/Preston Park Mums

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tubbycustard Thu 31-Jan-08 15:04:59

Hi all. Am new to Brighton, moved down from London last year and have 2.5 old dd and four month old ds. We live between Blakers Park and Preston Park. Anyone living nearby with babies of similar ages fancy a meet up one afternoon? Blaker's park has lovely cafe and play area. Now the weather is getting better (though not today obviously, is it always this wet and windy in brighton over the winter?!) would be fab to meet some new faces x

furrycat Thu 31-Jan-08 22:43:26

Hi TC I must live near very near you! I am 5 mins from Blakers. I have two boys aged 3 and 1. Always delighted to meet new people! Only prob is I work every day but Tues and am usually busy most Tues about a Tues morning or a Sunday morning?

brightonlass Fri 01-Feb-08 09:49:54

Hi, I also live near preston park. I have a 2 year old DS and a 4 week old DD. I would like to meet up with some other friendly mums around this area. We often go to Blakers park.

tubbycustard Sun 03-Feb-08 19:32:25

Meant to get back to this earlier, but four month old causing severe sleep deprivation at the moment so have been rubbish. But a meet up sounds lovely. How about a Tuesday morning? This one or next? Or how about Sunday the 10th? x

furrycat Sun 03-Feb-08 20:34:46

This Tues morning or Sunday 10th (morning) are both good for you are the sleep deprived one, (though I remember what it was like), what's best for you? Brightonlass, do either of those suit you?

tubbycustard Sun 03-Feb-08 21:46:29

How about next Sunday then, only because BBC weather site says it's going to be bucketing it down all of Tuesday! Typical. Could you make it too Brightonlass?

furrycat Mon 04-Feb-08 14:03:47

Sunday's good for me!

tubbycustard Wed 06-Feb-08 13:34:28

How about !0.30 at Blakers? Could meet by the cafe?

furrycat Wed 06-Feb-08 14:04:20

Sounds good - I have an orange Phil and Ted's and I'm very petite. Oh and I have two utterly gorgeous little boys

tubbycustard Thu 07-Feb-08 13:38:05

Great, have a green Phil and Ted's. And a gorgeous one of each.

furrycat Thu 07-Feb-08 14:48:40

Hi I'm really sorry but I am going to have to postpone as DS2 has chickenpox!

I can't do the following Sunday (it's my 40th birthday and I shall be spending the day in bed with my duvet over my ears bemoaning my lost youth) but can do Tues 19th - morning or afternoon.

Is that any good for you?

tubbycustard Fri 08-Feb-08 13:04:34

Ah, poor thing. Hope it's not a bad dose! Had my fortieth last year, actually less scary than I thought. That may have been because spent day hiding under duvet! Week starting 18th is a busy one as my partner off work but will try for the 19th and post here nearer the time or, if not, the Sunday after? Know it's ages away, but definitely up for a catch up

MABS Sat 09-Feb-08 08:53:36

come to our Brighton meet up next Sat, would be great to meet you. Have a look at the thread in meet ups.

furrycat Thu 14-Feb-08 22:45:42

Hi MABS sadly can't make the Saturday meet-up (due to weekend-long 40th bithday celebrations) but would love to come to the next one!

Tubbycustard, the pox have now gone and we are fit to join society again. Tuesday 19th good for me if you can make it, but no worries if not - can't make the following Sunday but can do the one after that! (March 2). (Have just realised that's Mothers Day but it's not a big deal in our house. So he tells me).

tubbycustard Mon 18-Feb-08 14:34:34

Mabs, sorry to miss Saturday but all laid low with nasty bout of toncillitis, which also means 19th, tomorrow a no go. Hope you had fantastic 40th, furrycat and Sunday 2nd sounds good! Dying to meet some brighton msnetters, the saints are conspiring.....

furrycat Wed 20-Feb-08 16:14:26

Tubbycustard I had a great bithday thanks and let's do Sun 2nd!

tubbycustard Sat 01-Mar-08 09:35:12

Shall we say 10.30 again? By the cafe, and hope the weather smiles!

furrycat Sat 01-Mar-08 22:43:57

See you there!

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