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Were you in North Street/ new Street/ the Library Tuesday 29th between 3 and 4 pm?

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murieltrout Tue 29-Jan-08 21:04:51

No this isn't some amazing come on but keep reading... we have lost 'The Bun' my son's most precious thing in the world. To the untutored eye it is a grubby white rabbit from mothercare with bean filled arms and legs . Have you seen it , picked it up , given it in ? I have retraced all our steps to no avail - I am not sure how long the 'gone on holidays' fib will hold. Help help help please!

MsCommonSense Tue 05-Feb-08 10:44:12

If you don't find it and Mothercare has stopped selling it, look on ebay. Search for something like ' mothercare white rabbit'. This way you can get it replace and ds will not know the difference.

murieltrout Fri 08-Feb-08 19:07:11

great minds think alike! DS tucked up with The Bun now after it returned mysteriously clean from its holidays yesterday

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