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Just become a mum in oct , it 's all new to me but i love it .

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monkey119 Thu 24-Jan-08 21:51:59

Hi every one in the area
my little boy Jack is now 4 mounts old , he is doing fine he's sleeping though the night. Every one keeps saying that im so lucky but i think it's because he's one happy little boy . Has any one got any up to date feed back on the modeling agency BIZZYKIDZ because Jack has just been accepted , i was hopeing some one would konw a little bit more about the agency . thanks, hope to hear from some one soon .

moljam Sun 17-Feb-08 13:54:28

hello ive no idea about agency but wanted to say hi and congratulations .jack sounds like my youngest at that age!he was so good i thought something was wrong!the other 2 werent that chilled!and they took till 4ish to sleep!mind you he stopped at 8 months!

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