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child friendly opticians

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clayre Tue 22-Jan-08 21:11:24

anyone's dc wear glasses, dd has been refered to eye clinic and as i wear glasses and have done for over 20 years i wouldnt be surprised if we then get refered to optician, so mine isnt too child friendly any suggestions ?

littlepinkpixie Wed 23-Jan-08 17:35:03

Maybe the people at the eye clinic might know who was good with kids and be able to make some suggestions.
The optician that my adult friends seem most pleased with is the one at the top of the perth road, opposite the spar and blockbuster. The people who I know who go there said thay they are impressed with how thorough and nice the staff are, but I havent been there myself, and I dont know anyone who has had to take kids to the optician. so not much help! But thought that as you didnt have any other replies yet would add my bit. grin

dingdong05 Wed 23-Jan-08 23:53:46

Sorry, no help here either, but as J is about to have his 1st exam at nursery soon I may be needing the info too! (Entirely speccy family )

clayre Thu 24-Jan-08 11:13:24

thank you, trying to think what optician as at the top of the perth road!

We're all speccy too, but my optcians isnt very child friendly, infact not very adult friendly after what my dads just gone thru waiting on his new glasses!

Mite see you at the eyeclinic dingdong!

littlepinkpixie Thu 24-Jan-08 15:35:25

Here it is:


FromGirders Wed 13-Feb-08 20:05:02

Hi there.
My ds has been going to the eye clinic at ninewells for just about a year. They do all the tests and give you a prescription for the glasses - you only have to go to an opticians to choose the frames and have the lenses made up.
The orthoptists we've seen so far have all been brilliant with ds (4.5) and dd (3). We've been going every 2 months, so have seen quite a few. We went to a really friendly optician in Blairgowrie to get the glasses, but will be looking for an optician in Dundee / St Andrews for future prescriptions (just moving there).

superjobeespecs Sat 04-Jun-11 17:00:20

my nephew just got specs last week after a refferal from nursery, my sis took him to specsavers the staff can be a bit off with adults but she says they were brill with the wee one really helpful even tho he's a very hyper 4 yr old they let him pick his specs and whatnot apparently it was great i know my sis is pleased with the service she got. im taking DD for her test next week so i'll know firsthand by then, hope that helps a bit smile

superjobeespecs Wed 08-Jun-11 19:10:20

thought i'd update.. took DD for her test today the optician was brilliant so friendly but also proffesional and for being a young yummy bloke not totally patronising to the wee one smile

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