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cheeky chimpz meet up for stourbridge, dudley, kingswinford, brierley hill, wolverhampton, kidderminster etc mums

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nappyaddict Mon 21-Jan-08 15:24:09

i propose another meet up for us lot as i really enjoyed the last one. how about next week? from the people who have replied to my email already it seems friday is most popular at the moment.

it would be great if everyone could post with the days and times they are free so we can work out logically which day is going to be best.

for example:

nappyaddict - mon till about 3
- tues - sat all day

nappyaddict Wed 30-Jan-08 10:31:49

ok we are provisionally meeting at 1pm on friday. if anyone needs to meet a bit earlier just let me know

bbcpol Mon 19-Oct-09 14:33:17

BBC1's Politics Show wants to speak to lone parents, living in the Stourbridge area, to get their views on changes to the benefits system. If you can help, please contact BBC producer Ian Lauchlan, as soon as possible, on 07912 583 234.

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