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Were you at the Prince Regent pool this evening??

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katepol Fri 18-Jan-08 20:38:37

I just saw a couple of (lovely lol!) women that just made me think - MUmsnetters!!!!
So, were you there - go on, put me out of my misery smile

katepol Fri 18-Jan-08 20:56:46

going to keep this bumped...

katepol Fri 18-Jan-08 21:17:25

another bump smile

katepol Fri 18-Jan-08 21:36:03

Doh, please, even if you want to name change??

MABS Sat 19-Jan-08 19:37:45

not me! I'm too lazy to swim with mine!!

Pollyanna Sat 19-Jan-08 19:49:14

No, but I was there this morning!

katepol Sat 19-Jan-08 22:54:09

Pah! I am sure they were Mnetters. Maybe I should lurk at the meet up just to check wink.

Last night I really wanted to quietly say 'fanjo' just to see if the women looked round...luckily I recognised how wierd that would make me look smile and didn't.

MABS Sun 20-Jan-08 09:10:52

Kate - they may have thought you were propositioning them tho....

PestoMonster Mon 21-Jan-08 12:09:19

Wasn't me, I swim at the gym grin

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