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hello to all [smile] just arrive to the area

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MamaMoonFairy Mon 14-Jan-08 00:30:00

i've just arrived to the area, and I'm feeling a bit lost, I have a little one called Gabriel and need to find some enterteinement for him soonnn!!!( and for me to if possiblewink

hope to hear from u soon

PS- Any Portuguese speaking mums arround????

NeenaM Fri 18-Jan-08 09:51:18

How old is Gabriel? There's quite a few playgroups around, the Grapevine mag is available from the library or Sutton Children's Info Centre. Welcome to Sutton, it can be hard getting to know people especially with a young child...

pukkapatch Fri 08-Feb-08 17:04:31

hi, theres lots to do here. depends on how old your ds is. family grapevine is good, sutton library is excellent, as are all the local ones. good bus services as well, so fariliy easy to getr around.

MamaMoonFairy Mon 10-Mar-08 23:08:04

Hi there

So good to hear from somebody!!! sorry i didnt replay sonner but i was away

Gabriel is 20 months and a very very active little boy , so what would be good for him ( and for me i guess) its a playgroup were he can play and meet with other children, do you guys know any around here? we live in sutton Common at a short walking distance from the high street and i would loveeeee to meet other mums for a nice cup of coffe and a good moaning ))


bigcar Tue 11-Mar-08 16:54:09

Hello! My mil lives just round the corner from the station there! My dd3 has special needs so we don't tend to do the rounds of the nt groups. I do know though that the childrens centres run activities for the under 5's. There is one next to Tweedale school, they do music sessions on a Tuesday morning and they also do messy play at sometime during the week. Spencer nursery also do the same thing, they are on Spencer Road 02086484126. Messy play is on a Wednesday morning, music is on a Monday morning and stay and play is on a Friday morning. I think all the sessions are free but I'm not entirely sure.

MamaMoonFairy Wed 12-Mar-08 23:16:56


Thank so much for the tips bigcar, I need to find my way around the area cause I haven t had time to explore much yet.

thank you so much

bigcar Sat 15-Mar-08 10:24:10

Almost forgot! There are soft play sessions run at Sutton Arena, opposite St Helier hospital and at Westcroft, off Carshalton High Street. I think they cost about £4 per session.

Grychen Mon 09-Jun-08 09:56:33

Hello Gabriel's Mum, I'm sure I met you the other day in the playground - I was there with my son and daughter. I'm also up for a coffee before 12 noon on a weekday. After that I have to drive my daughter to school in West Wimbledon.

bettysbeauty Mon 30-May-11 21:21:31

Thomas Wall and Manor Park are good childrens centres, with excellent staff and facilities.
(Manor Park Activity Program)
(Thomas Wall Activity Program)

aStarInStrangeways Wed 08-Jun-11 13:32:19

Sutton Family Information Service can give you a list of all the toddler groups in the area - their office is just by the Central Library. Make sure you phone the group organiser before you go along to anything though, as I turned up for one a few months ago to discover it wasn't running anymore blush

I'm quite new to the area as well (moved here in Feb) and have a very energetic 2yo, so if you want to meet up in a playground sometime I'm up for it smile Speaking of which, there is a nice cafe in Banstead called Pistachios In The Park that opens out onto a very small play area - it means you can sit in the sun with a coffee and watch your little one play in a safe space. You can get the S1 bus to Banstead if you don't drive.

CristinaTheAstonishing Sun 12-Jun-11 14:00:40

That cafe in Banstead is quite nice. Shame the playground is a bit small, though I understand there's a local campaign trying to improve matters.

aStarInStrangeways Sun 12-Jun-11 14:06:24

Yes, it is tiny, although at least that limits the amount of chasing around you have to do grin

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