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Meeting new mums in Burgess Hill

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noodlesnicky Wed 09-Jan-08 11:49:59

I'm a new mum with a little boy who's nearly 8 weeks. We live in Burgess Hill and have no idea where to meet other mums and have a chat. I'm quite happy to travel to Brighton if needs be but again, where's a friendly place?
Hope someone can help as I'd quite like to be out of the house more often now!

E15 Mon 14-Jan-08 14:41:40

I live in Haywards Heath and go to Chatterbox which is at the Baptist church along Sussex Road by the roundabout.
It is on Wed and Friday mornings 10-12.30. They are sooo friendly there. I have been going there for 2 and half years. Cost is 50p per session and mums get free tea and coffee. Kids get a drink and a biscuit and they do little birthday cakes if its someones birthday. They always do a Xmas party for the kids with FC and sometimes the mums go out for a meal in the evening.
I know they have 2 or three on their waiting list but you never have to wait very long.
Their are quite a few mums with newborns there and when my second comes along in April I shall continue to go there with both!
Hope this helps.. Tel number below;
Chatterbox,Baptist Church,Sussex Road,. Haywards Heath,01444 473128.

E15 Mon 14-Jan-08 14:50:03

To Noodlesnicky
Sorry, meant to say, if you pop into the library in BHill and ask for a copy of The Grapevine magazine. They have all the baby and toddler groups listed there by day, am and pm.

noodlesnicky Mon 14-Jan-08 19:05:01

Thanks, I'll try and go along on Friday morning maybe! I've picked up a Grapevine magazine today funnily enough and I've started to look through for ideas. A lot of the play groups etc are for older children though it's good to know that Chatterbox is ok with babies.

E15 Tue 15-Jan-08 08:49:17

Good for you. I will probably be there myself!
The times are 10-11.30 (not 12.30) - pregnant brain sorry!
Best to park behind Trading for You if you know where that is and walk rond the corner. The car park at the back of the church (opp the priory)is always full of builders vans!
If you are unsure where the church is, just look for the plastic cows outside the cookshop - the church is directly opposite.

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