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just realised this existed!!!

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moljam Mon 07-Jan-08 22:43:03

how dumb am i !
hello!im actually in north cornwall-camelford but truro is nearest 'local' on here!

kettlechip Wed 18-Feb-09 13:58:13

me too! just found this by accident, I'm 12 miles from Truro, but other side..

ScorpiowithabigS Wed 18-Feb-09 14:14:23

Ooooh - I'm in Pz, very south west.

cheesesarnie Thu 19-Feb-09 12:58:56

i was moljam but am now me!grin there must be more of us!im sure!

MrsGJB Fri 03-Apr-09 00:24:48

Me too - based in Camborne and still don't know anybody.

feralgirl Sat 11-Apr-09 21:25:14

Hello MrsGJB; I'm just down the road in Praze. And Scorpio, I work in Pz.
Nice to meet you all! smile

JRocks Thu 16-Apr-09 19:23:36

Hello everyone - I'm in Portreath...but I do go to Pz for haircuts, and DP's grandparents live in Newlyn grin

TheDOGmamma Thu 16-Apr-09 19:26:19

Message withdrawn

TheDOGmamma Thu 16-Apr-09 19:27:11

Message withdrawn

feralgirl Thu 30-Apr-09 13:24:26

Dogmamma, where in Praze? I live just down the road from the school.

TheDOGmamma Thu 07-May-09 10:48:11

Message withdrawn

bluesnowfalcon Fri 07-Aug-09 16:44:19

Not sure if anyone is still talking here but hi I'm new to MN but live in cornwall so thought I'd say hi. I'm kinda mid cornwall near st austell!

feralgirl Sun 09-Aug-09 10:34:07

Hi bluesnowfalcon, sorry, I do look to see if anyone talks on here every now and again. Welcome to MN! How are you?

cheesesarnie Sun 09-Aug-09 15:19:53

hello bluesnowfalcon!im in north are you finding mn?

bluesnowfalcon Mon 10-Aug-09 09:24:33

feralgirl I'm good thanks for the welcome

cheesesarnie Getting on ok with MN and now starting to learn the abbreviations as well which helps. Thanks for the welcome it is good to know that their are other people in cornwall using MN!

JustcallmeDog Mon 10-Aug-09 09:31:31

Message withdrawn

MrsBonJovi Tue 11-Aug-09 08:33:34

Hi ladies Im also in Mid Cornwall towards the St Austell timewaster ever...

feralgirl Tue 11-Aug-09 22:13:49

Aw,Justcallmedog, DS had a cold so we didn't partake of the fun! Story of my life at the moment...

JustcallmeDog Wed 12-Aug-09 09:06:17

Message withdrawn

Horsiemummy Sun 15-Nov-09 15:50:08

hi all,im a fairly seasoned mumsnetter, but only just discovered the local bit!!

im on the north coast neart padstow.

onadietcokebreak Sun 15-Nov-09 15:53:01

Hello Horsiemummy and welcome to the local boards!

stubbornstains Tue 17-Nov-09 21:59:21

Hello, I live in some mud a couple of miles from Helston...31 weeks pregnant with my first, so still a mum-in-waiting....I was very happy to find out that Helston has one of only 2 birth units with a pool in the county- naively, I thought every town had one!

....So that's kind of down your end Dog...I brave the rush hour traffic to go to pregnancy yoga in PZ.

Adogisforlife Tue 17-Nov-09 22:14:45

Message withdrawn

MammKernow Tue 17-Nov-09 22:21:11

Just noticed this myself! grin I'm up the other end, between coasts and in the middle of cowland the countryside. Kind of near Callington.

StubbornStains: you've got all the best bits to come!

stubbornstains Thu 19-Nov-09 22:43:42

Yes indeedy, the yoga is with Leif: it is so good it's worth the extra travel. Plus,I get the opportunity to sniff the exotic bohemian air of Penzance, and walk past some of the best pubs in Cornwall (what a wind up!)

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