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Sakladdie Mon 07-Jan-08 16:24:11

Services available. Good rates.Pick up and drop off.

ihateironing Sun 13-Jan-08 20:15:08

tell me more!!

i have ironing her needing done

Sakladdie Tue 15-Jan-08 10:44:16

hi my rates are 50p per item except duvet covers,sheets and tablecovers. Duvets go by size,single classed as two items,double 3 and king size 4. I pick up and deliver within 48 hours,sometimes 24 if possible. Minimum charge is £10. Let me know if this suits you at all. Thanks. smile

ihateironing Tue 15-Jan-08 19:15:36

thats fine, im in kilmarnock. send me ur details and ill be in touch

Sakladdie Tue 15-Jan-08 19:26:03

E mail address is Will gve you my number on that. Thanks. smile

ihateironing Tue 15-Jan-08 19:30:30

ive emailed you

DarAmi Thu 07-May-09 13:44:04

Hi folks this service still available,smoke free,pet free home. Picked up and delivered. Anywhere from Killie to Troon to Kilwinning.

goodfellow1 Tue 14-May-13 19:45:42

After reading all the positive comments I decided to launch my own small ironing company based in Irvine in the North of Ayrshire. I have called the business Ayrshire Ironing Services and have recently invested in some professional quality steam presses and steam generator irons. Business was slow for the first couple of weeks but after posting a few adverts on line I have managed to achieved 34 new customers within 8 weeks, 5 of which are local hotels and 2 restaurants. It's one of the best things I've done in a long time and the satisfaction I get from a happy customer is amazing.

Biljan Wed 26-Oct-16 17:09:29

Need ironing done about 40items mostly polo and blouses trousers

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