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Wintery coffee warm up anyone?

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bon22 Fri 04-Jan-08 11:41:38

Hello all,

I'm a first time mum (stay at home) to a 5 month old girl. New to Brighton area. Been travelling around a lot due to husband's job. New York, Lyon, Brighton all with baby in tow! Would love to meet up with some mums in the area and chat. Anyone else? Look forward to meeting up with some of you!

sleeepless Fri 04-Jan-08 11:44:19

Hi, I won't be able to join you for a couple of months but we're moving down to Brighton with out 5 month old at the end of March. It would be great to meet other mums so keep me posted on any get togethers!

sleeepless Fri 04-Jan-08 11:45:27

Of course I meant with OUR 5 month old (not without him, oops!)

bon22 Sun 06-Jan-08 22:33:33

Sleepless - that was a funny typo ;-) Will keep you posted.

mill1969 Thu 10-Jan-08 10:13:44


I've got a 13 month year old girl and live in Brighton and work PT Mon-Wed. I'm happy to meet up and chat

yetihed Mon 14-Jan-08 16:24:17

I'll join you! I have a 3 month baby boy and am free most days at the moment... do you know any baby friendly places to meet up? Whereabouts in Brighton are you? smile

mill1969 Thu 17-Jan-08 07:07:17

I know a few baby friendly places in central Brighton, not so sure about Hove way tho'except that cafe in St Ann Wells garden which is wall to wall babies/toddlers!

sleeepless Tue 08-Apr-08 22:25:25

Hi people, it's been a few months but we've finally arrived. I'd love to meet up if you're all still out there. Let me know

mill1969 Fri 11-Apr-08 08:03:53

Yes still out here. Welcome to Brighton ! How are you finding it so far?

sleeepless Fri 11-Apr-08 22:58:48

Hi, all good so far (2 weeks in!). Enjoying the sunshine (and snow!) and sea air though ds has a horrible cough. Did you all manage to meet up back in Jan?
Let me know if you're still up for meeting. Am keen to explore some more cafes...

MABS Sat 12-Apr-08 18:11:21

Why don't you all come to the Brighton meet up next Sat lunchtime...we don't bite honest! Have a look at the thread in Meet Ups.

mill1969 Sun 13-Apr-08 10:15:00

Aw I cant make this Saturday. Is there anything else going on?

MABS Sun 13-Apr-08 19:09:51

not that i know of at the moment Mill

sleeepless Wed 23-Apr-08 19:57:05

Hi there, couldn't make the Sat lunchtime but still on for meeting up sometime if you are, Mill

mill1969 Thu 24-Apr-08 07:51:10

Hi sleepless, yes i'm still up for meeting. I'm around Thurs-sundays

sleeepless Mon 28-Apr-08 22:01:28

Hi do you fancy meeting up this Thursday afternoon? I'm off to a mum and baby yoga class with another mumsnetter and could meet you afterwards, about 2ish if that suits. Or you could come to yoga too if you fancy it but not sure how old your little one(s) is/are?

mill1969 Wed 30-Apr-08 18:31:36

Thursday afternoon is a bit tricky. Fri afternooon is better around 4ish?

sleeepless Wed 30-Apr-08 22:10:13

Hi, could do Friday at 3ish, have a doc's appointment at 4.30. Or we could do another week if that's easier?

mill1969 Thu 01-May-08 08:07:42

Next week would be fine. My dd slepps between 1-3 (if I'm lucky!) and so I just need to work around that

sleeepless Tue 06-May-08 22:08:20

Hi again, I can't do this week as we're off to Ireland. But next Thursday would be good for me. Whereabouts in Brighton are you?

mill1969 Thu 08-May-08 07:19:52

I'm Lewes Road end of Brighton and sometimes go to the playground on the Level

sleeepless Mon 12-May-08 22:40:05

Hi, could meet you there on Thursday afternoon if that still suits you. Nap times very unpredictable at this end so you name the time!

mill1969 Thu 15-May-08 09:43:59

It's not very good weather today !
Shall we try tomorrow at 3.30 ? Here's my mob in case it's still raining 07792 965924 ;}

sleeepless Thu 15-May-08 15:15:55

Great, I'll see you there or text for alternative arrangements!

mill1969 Sat 17-May-08 08:19:03

Sleepless-Apologies for yesterday. I think I was so spectacularly late that I missed you. Just as we were about to leave my dd managed to slip outside and empty a plant pot full of soil over her head! The joys of toddlerhood!!

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