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Where's good to live with a young family?

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blisscake Thu 03-Jan-08 22:41:33


DH (is that right??) has got a new job based in Shoreham. We are moving down from Nottingham to be near family and need to know where is a good place to live with young kids. We have three boys: 5,2 and 6 months. What's Shoreham like for young famillies? Worthing? Steyning? I know the area a bit as I used to live there but that was pre-children...I was more concerned with pubs than play areas...can anyone let me know please???

BrummieOnTheRun Mon 07-Jan-08 13:12:51

Hi blisscake,

I don't know those areas well (although do like Worthing a lot), but I have noticed that young families have been moving out of Brighton/Hove to places like Worthing and Shoreham because the house prices in B&H have been getting crazy (unless your pockets were lined with dosh from London house sales). You certainly get loads more for your money further along the coast.

You could take a look at the website and see if there are many playgroups. And ABC magazine....could someone in your family send you a copy? It lists playgroups, activity centres, etc.

Being so close to Brighton, though, you can't go wrong can you? The 22yr old living with us has young, funky friends living in Worthing who've moved there from Brighton, so it could be on the up. And the sea, the sea!

You'll also want to check out schools via the Ofsted site, I guess...

blisscake Wed 09-Jan-08 21:20:21

Thanks Brummie.
Am quite into the idea of Worthing as it seems a bit more affordable than other places and I love the sea. Have not had the chance to visit it properly yet though. Will send DH on a mission. Will check out ABC mag, school places seems like a bit of a nightmare... Can't wait til its all sorted!

BrummieOnTheRun Wed 09-Jan-08 22:43:10

Good luck! I quite fancy Worthing too, but DH commutes to London and it's just that bit too far...

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