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mehdi Sun 23-Dec-07 00:54:20

hi out there have one ds of 22 months and feeling very alone by myself alot of the time as ds either at work or not interested in talking to me. In fact wonder why i married him. Anyone out there who would just like to chat. Ds still sleeping with me not slept with dh for nearly two years. Feel like crying alot of the time through sheer loneleness. Any advice?

Bertolli Sun 08-Feb-09 16:08:42

Hi mehdi.

are you in camden?
Fancy a coffee/ play date? smile
i'm in primrose hill


kiwibaby1 Wed 02-Sep-09 11:48:08

hi Mehdi,
I am in West heamstead and 4.5 months pregnant.Do you want to meet for a coffee?

Fluffypoms Wed 02-Sep-09 11:53:53

Hi mendi

I am in west hampstead too, If you ever want to chat let me know smile

kiwibaby1 Thu 03-Sep-09 10:41:53

Hi fluffypoms,
I haven't heard from Mehdi .Have you?

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