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xlouise3x Thu 13-Dec-07 15:57:42

I've been to the childrens centre a couple of times but it gets so busy you have to book and that's a nightmare when you have children constantly getting ill! My eldest son is 7yrs my middle son is 2 1/2yrs and my daughter is v. nearly 1 - how old are your children?

pinktinselanddollymixtures Fri 14-Dec-07 10:48:05


Just found out from another thread that you are in redruth. Me too. I have 3 girls aged 5, 4 and 16 months. I also run a very friendly toddler group at redruth baptist church. It's not too busy (which is nice) and every one is really nice.

If your free you should come down on wednesday a between 10 and 12. It's free to get in, just bring some fruit or something to share for snack time. Next week is our last week before xmas, we then re-open on the 9 january.

Let me know if you can make it and i'll keep an eye out.

I'm in Clinton road if you ever fancy pooping over for a cuppa. smile

yummyRuth Tue 27-Jul-10 20:32:41

just found this old tread and so much had changed since then! lol
louise you made me laugh as your 26 now not 23 haha!
anyway talk soon Ruth

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