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Favourite local shopping recommendations?

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BrummieOnTheRun Thu 06-Dec-07 10:45:13

As the listings section doesn't include shops and I'm a fanatic of well run small businesses, I wondered if anyone else was interested in sharing their fave alternatives to the big chains?

Here are my 3 faves:

- Nature's Way, Stoneham Rd, Hove
Small & wonderfully friendly greengrocer run by Neville with good organic range (including Ecover products) and great bread.

- Otello's Food Hall, Church Rd, Hove
They deserve points simply for opening in the shadow of a giant Tescos. Beautifully presented fruit & veg at great prices, and pretty much anything else you could need. Good organic and 'free from' range, plus gourmet oils, vinegars and spices. (They take cards too, which is great).

- R C Seckers, Richardson Rd, Hove
Fantastic butchers. Simply wonderful. Great cheddar cheese at a fraction of supermarket prices, and small range of very good veg, too. Next to fishmonger, chemist, bakers, cafe and italian deli with 20 minutes free parking.

BrummieOnTheRun Fri 29-Feb-08 17:41:50

My latest finds. Terrible job, all this shopping, but someone's got to do it:

- Choice Cuts, Preston Drove.
My God, the best rib eye steak I've ever eaten! Fab butcher, lots of additive-free chicken, and a good selection of organic dried goods.

- Fiveways Fruit & Veg.
Not cheap (or expensive for that matter) but fantastic selection. Great if you just want a fistfull of purple sprouting brocolli or curly kale. And they take cards! Hooray!

ArcticRoll Sun 02-Mar-08 19:53:36

Oh yes BrunnieOnTheRun agree about Fiveways Fruit and Veg.
They are also local heroes as helped rescue a child who got trapped under car.
Not so keen on Choice Cuts,when they offer my children a freprefer Barfields at Fiveways and for brilliant organic meat Archers over in Hanover.
Raven's Bakery at Fiveways is lovely old fashioned bakers with delicious bread.

furrycat Mon 03-Mar-08 09:02:43

What's a freprefer? We've never been offered one! Raven's is the best baker EVER.

ArcticRoll Mon 03-Mar-08 09:44:30

Oops should have previewed message before posting incomprehensible message. blush
I was going to criticise Choice Cuts for always offering my children free lollipops but then changed my mind as thought it sounded too poncey but didn't edit my message!

furrycat Mon 03-Mar-08 15:26:51

Aaah. I go to both but find Barfields soooo much friendlier. Even if there are no frepefers.

BrummieOnTheRun Tue 04-Mar-08 17:16:37

Oh, I've manage to miss Barfields and Raven's. Will check out on next trip to Fiveways.

Off to Google Archers! Is it in Kemp Town?

And if anyone knows of any stores that do home delivery....???? Long shot.

ArcticRoll Tue 04-Mar-08 18:00:33

Archers is in Hanover (Islingword Road I think).
It is really good and much prefer it to Choice Cuts.

furrycat Tue 04-Mar-08 19:36:43

You've missed Raven's, BrummieOnTheRun? How so? The waft of baking bread, the queues for hot cross buns on Good Friday....

BrummieOnTheRun Tue 04-Mar-08 20:12:10

Ah, but I had heard rumours of a fab bakery!

You don't realise what crap the supermarkets churn out until you've tasted the proper stuff. The low carb diet is dust grin

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