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Anybody local/Want to meet up?

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xlouise3x Wed 05-Dec-07 12:12:46

I'm new to the website and new to Redruth - I miss knowing people at local toddler groups and would love a friendly face to go along with so at least one person will talk to me!
Does anyone know of a group or live locally and want to go along to a group together or meet up for coffee?

casbie Wed 12-Dec-07 11:18:45

redruth is a bit far for me, but the pool at pool is nice meeting place and there is supposed to be a new ball-pool place on the industrial estate near there (bobadings? pirate play?).

how old are your children?

another place to go is the children's centre in redruth - they have BF support and a chreche there, great if you want to meet other new mums!

: )

caspercat Sat 22-Dec-07 22:38:30

Hi. I moved here from Surrey in June this year with dh and dd (18mths). I live in Truro, so Redruth not far at all, and would love to have someone to meet for a coffee occasionally. Let me know when you're around, if you fancy it xx

xlouise3x Thu 27-Dec-07 12:51:50

Sounds great caspercat - Will get back to you in the new year, but wanted you to know I'd acknowledged your message! louise

xlouise3x Thu 27-Dec-07 12:55:17

I have 3 children Casbie aged 7, 2 and 1 so my youngest two are quite a handful. I've been to the groups but they get ever so crowded and you have to book your place, which when you have 3 children and they are all ill after one another etc, is very difficult to be able to book a week or two in advance. Thanks for the ideas though xx

pinktinselanddollymixtures Fri 28-Dec-07 19:06:57

Xlouise3x- Just wanted to let you know that I posted on one of your other threads. I run a quiet and friendly toddler group at the baptist church on a wednesday morn (10-12). All the mum's are v'friendly.

We do crafts, snack, free play etc for the tots. And for parents we do chat, tea and biscuits and are even about to start a cooking club.

Do let me know if you are interested in coming and I will keep an eye out for you. We start back on the 11th btw.

xlouise3x Wed 02-Jan-08 13:26:14

Thanks very much for the invite pinktinselanddollymixtures, I will be coming along on the 11th and am very much looking forward to it. thank you again, louise

pinkdolly Fri 04-Jan-08 10:25:45

Louise- Dh has just pointed out to me that next wednesday is actually the 9th not 11th. Sorry. Ireally hope you read this before then. Whatever you do, dont turn up on the 11th as we wont be there. What am I like.

Anyway, I will be keeping an eye out for you on the 9th. Dont know if you know the church but there are two entrances. We use the side entrance next to cats video store.

C u soon.

xlouise3x Mon 07-Jan-08 11:31:10

Guessed that you meant the 9th when i looked at the calendar - will be there, louise

pinkdolly Wed 09-Jan-08 21:22:21

Hi Louise,

Just wanted to see how you got on today. Unfortunately I was unable to go to toddler group today as have been ordered to rest. I'm 11 weeks pg with my 4th and have been having mild bleeding.

I hope you found everyone friendly enough. I should be back next week if all is well.

Please let me know how you found it. I am sorry I was not there to welcome you.

Pink xx

xlouise3x Thu 10-Jan-08 10:38:25

It was a lovely group to go to and my normally shy ds enjoyed himself thoroughly.

Let me know if you need anything as I'm only down the road. - I experienced the same thing with my 2nd so know how you feel and know that although you know you must rest you also want to do anything but, in order to distract yourself from worrying.

Take care of yourself and hopefully I will see you next week, but if you want a friendly chat before hand I am here.
louise xx

xlouise3x Thu 10-Jan-08 10:41:27

Caspercat - if you want to meet up let me know when you are free, I'm able to make myself available most days so give me some suggestions and we'll go from there.
louise xx

pinkdolly Thu 10-Jan-08 15:47:38

Hi Louise,

Glad you went and enjoyed it. I have a scan tomorrow so will let you know if all is well. We will have to meet up for a chat.

My email isn't working at the moment but dh's is Drop me an email and we can go from there.

Hope to see you soon.


Icantdothis Tue 15-Jan-08 23:41:05


Just thought I'd let you all know about - it's a great website for parents in Cornwall.

Have fun wink

xlouise3x Wed 16-Jan-08 21:13:18

Thanks Icantdothis - I've used them before when looking up groups, but I appreciate you going to all the trouble of telling me
Take care, louise xx

HelenRodgers Sat 19-Jan-08 20:23:50

I'm in that odd place of having 2 in school now (Reception and Yr1) and my 3rd is now doing mornings at nursery so i'm kind of at a loose end. I'd love to meet up with anyone for a coffee - I live in Pool, so i'm easy for redruth, truro, the beach...anywhere! I need to make out i'm busy so my hubby won't make me get a job! helen.

xlouise3x Tue 22-Jan-08 12:34:02

If you want to meet up helen email me on and let me know when is best. As I've mentioned before I can generally make myself free at somepoint each day. louise -btw, that message is also for you caspercat in case you didn't get my message above!

moljam Thu 31-Jan-08 21:37:15

is anyone in north cornwall?id love to meet some other mners!

wangle99 Sat 02-Feb-08 21:02:03

I'm very near Pool as well smile DD is in Y6 and DS goes 3 days at nursery, I do work but might be able to be up for a meetup if one is arranged (that's if you'll have me!)

xlouise3x Wed 06-Feb-08 09:35:19

After a few messages left on here and emails etc I was approached with the idea of doing an evening meet up for just the mums - let me know what you think. I was also wondering if people would like to make it a group meet up instead of meeting individually? Again let me know what you think of each idea & I'll then see what we can organise!
louise xx

caspercat Thu 07-Feb-08 14:02:13

Hi all, so sorry have been completely rubbish at getting back to anyone, no excuse, just forgot all about it, so a BIG SORRY if you thought i'd been ignoring you!! I would love to meet up, day or night, but should just let you know my circumstances! I work Mon - Weds, and take DD swimming on Thurs morn & Caterpillar music Fri morn. she still sleeps lunchtimes, so at the mo Thurs & Fri afternoons best for me. Happy to travel, though won't make most things till 3ish cos of Poppy's kips, but is fine with me if ok with you!! Most evenings can be arranged, apart from when DH on call (once a week). Also if anyone ever lonely at weekends, my DH works a lot of weekends, so can usually make something then. Hope all that helps. Am free all next Thursday, but realise it's half term so those of you with older kiddies prob won't be!! Looking forward to hearing back xx

moljam Sun 17-Feb-08 13:52:24

louise fab idea.i could probably stay with my sister in falmouth-i dont drive so getting back to falmouth would be easier than camelford!thats if im invited!!blush

caspercat-you sound very busy!

xlouise3x Mon 18-Feb-08 09:46:10

moljam - of course you'll be invited! Our house is just getting over the effects of chicken pox, so please don't anyone be offended with me not getting back to them!
It wasn't really my idea, so I won't take all the credit - Helen was in charge of that one!
Caspercat, I would love to be able to meet up with you, but unfortunately I pick my eldest up from school at the times you would be able to meet up, and then I'm running round getting ds to beavers on a thursday, so only fridays would be ok - let me know.

As for meeting up, during days let me know a day people as there have been offers, but no-one talking times etc.
As for an eve, as you know I haven't been down here very long, so let me know a place which we think we could all have a laugh at and we'll go from there, something between falmouth and pool as that's where most interst is please!
Also which eve, shall we say a date in march as that'll give ppl time to reply? if I say 15th march then let me know if you're free! hope to hear from ppl soon
take care

HelenRodgers Mon 18-Feb-08 10:38:11

I can put 15th March in my diary. I've lived here 3 1/2 years, but my going out knowledge is rubbish. I wouldn't recommend the pubs round Pool, Falmouth way might be better, or Truro? - Moljam, does your sister know any places in Falmouth? I'll have a think.

caspercat Wed 20-Feb-08 21:19:50

Hi, 15th March sounds good, but will just have to check DH not on call. Truro or Falmouth better for me xx

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