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East Surrey Hospital

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NicJW Tue 04-Dec-07 17:35:28

Hi, Baby is due in June 2008 and am quite new to the area. Does anyone know what the facilities are like at East Surrey Hospital? Ive seen some bad press about the hospital generally recently, but dont know anything about the delivery ward etc. Does anyone have any experience of giving birth at ESH?

LIZS Tue 04-Dec-07 18:14:45

I did 10 years ago , before they took on the extra Crawley/Horsham caseload. Will bump as am sure others have more recently.

Firewalker Wed 05-Dec-07 10:07:12

I gave birth here in April 2004 and I have nothing but praise for it. I was the only one in the ward on the first night. They encouraged me to stay in for three days even though there was actually no reason why I couldn't have gone home on the same day as giving birth. They never tried to kick me out because they needed the beds (which I know they do at Mayday). I was shown how to feed, bath and change my daughter. There were always people around to help me. I have nothing but praise for it. My only gripe is that I couldn't eat in my bed, I HAD to go to the canteen to do so (the food was nice though) and my husband was not allowed to stay with me all day which we would have liked - he was restricted to the visiting hours, but all in all, I had a great experience there although I know other people who haven't had such a great time there, mainly because it was so busy when they were in. I guess it just depends how many people are giving birth on the same day as you!

Good luck with everything

Mumpbump Wed 05-Dec-07 14:21:18

I started a thread on this a couple of months ago. I'll see if I can find it and post a link. Personally, I think it is very good. They are (like any hospital) quite keen to rush you through the process and out of the labour room, but if you just say that you want a few minutes to get your head together before they stitch you up - like I did! - they will give you the time. The three labour rooms I have been in were very clean and comfortable. I never made it into the birthing pool they have there.

In practical terms, the only downside was that they didn't examine me before giving me an epidural with ds1. I was 9cm dilated so I think technically, I probably shouldn't have had it, but no harm done fortunately.

The antenatal day unit is absolutely fantastic and the m/w in there very helpful/reassuring. The nurses on the post-natal ward are similarly pretty attentive and very helpful/friendly. They also have a breast-feeding counsellor on hand to help you get bf established whose name I recognised from NCT stuff. You can get a private room (subject to availability) if you are staying in hospital after the birth, but personally, I preferred to be on the ward so I didn't feel completely cut off from the world.

If you have any specific questions, drop me a line on as my experience is fairly recent - Feb 06 and Oct 07 - but the best thing is probably to visit the labour ward - you just need to ring up to book a visit.

Mumpbump Wed 05-Dec-07 14:23:13

Here you go...

East Surrey Hospital

NicJW Wed 05-Dec-07 21:46:43

This is great thanks. Its reassuring to know that people have had good experiences there, as I had seen nothing but bad press about the place! I guess it is just luck of the draw on the day, but if the staff are helpful, reassuring and friendly that must make a big difference. I will definitely book a visit and check it out - that should at least take away some of the fear of the unknown!

mumclaire Wed 16-Jan-08 21:26:43

Hiya, Just to add another positive about ESH - had dd there in March 06 and due no.2 in Feb. Don't believe the negative stuff - people have positive and negative experiences of hospitals and you're more likely to hear the negative. Staff are brill and care is great. Last week I got the opportunity to sit and talk through my previous birth with one of their mws - she went thru my old notes word by word and really helped me understand what happened last time and why (had a crash c-section) have to say both dh and I came out of meeting even more impressed with the faultless care we received.
Friends have also highly recommended Crowborough birthing centre if you're unsure about hospitals.

apotomak Wed 30-Jan-08 12:30:50

I'm so happy I found this thread. I'm due to give birth there in 5 weeks and all I've heard so far about ESH was how dirty it was and how rude the staff was. I had my dd there 4 years ago and I just couldn't believe it could have changed so much. Reading your comments did put my mind at rest. My experience from 4 years ago was very positive even though my labour was extremely long and not problemless. I will post a message once I'm back at home with my new baby.

NicJW Tue 19-Feb-08 21:02:20

Ooh good luck with it - let us know how you get on.

apotomak Tue 18-Mar-08 14:22:20

I delivered there yesterday. Another very positive experience. The delivery suite is very clean. Not all the rooms are en-suite but if it's not very busy you're bound to get one. Midwives are very helpful and friendly. If you get to choose what to have from the menu order more than you would normally ... the portion sizing is a bit smaller than what I'm used to (and I'm not greedy). The food is really tasty. There's a limitless tea and coffee supply for you and your partner ... all you have to do is ask but they do offer quite often anyway.
I haven't got a clue what postnatal ward is like because I went home straight away.

barbamama Thu 20-Mar-08 13:21:10

Excellent! Glad it was fine for you too and great to hear it is still serving people well in case I find myself back there again next year! Congratulations,

NicJW Thu 27-Mar-08 19:10:12

Yay congratulations! I'm glad everything went well. I am doing the ESH tour on Monday so will be able to check it out for myself, but I am so pleased that you had a good experience.

LuMcguire Sat 06-Sep-08 14:13:10

I had my little girl there on the 6th August (08), and I have to say that although the labour went well and my midwife was fantastic and very sweet, i did find myself being put off from going there again. My midwife had to go on an hours brake inbetween, which was fine by me, but the midwife who replaced her did not say a word to me,and i meen not one single word, walked in and out the room about 3 or 4 times, and that was all i saw of her. Not once did she check i was ok, reassure my partner, nothing, which i thought was very strange and very unprofessional! All was fine again when my midwife came back, i gave birth naturally and everything was lovely. UNTIL,my disabled grandfather came to the hospital and he is in a wheel chair, he had just made it to the delivery room when a midwife burst in and said for all of us to get out, there i had to stand and wait in the corridor with my baby and my family untill a midwife asked what we were doing and i said waiting for a bed! I was then led to a ward then to be told only 2 people could come in. Obviously i asked my grandparents to come in, thinking 2 more could come in afterwards, they left the ward at 8 (had been in there 15 mins. My boyfriend and my mother then walked in to be told its the end of visiting hours and they had to leave. I literally got a kiss goodbye and they had to go, which was a bit daunting as a young first time mum. I felt really alone. Then in the night, other peoples babies where crying so obviously the midwifes checked up on them and there mothers, but i think i got checked once. They missed taking my tempreture and blood pressure plenty of times, i never got a drink or any food in the night, and then when i was in pain and wanted paracetemol, i thought id wait for a midwife to check on me, and hour went by, so i pressed the buzzer, only to be told off like a naughty school child! Still no midwife came to check on me, nor did i get any paracetemol!! The next morning everyone got an option of what they would like for breakfast, i was waiting to be asked what i would like, when they came and gave me 2 peices of bread and some butter that someone had already ordered for me!?? After breakfast, a midwife came in and shouted "Who wants to go home today" everyone said they would like to and they set about getting us all out, when i got home i was browsing through my notes, when i read "asked to leave, no concern for her childs care" this made me furious, as i would of quite happily stayed in hospital had they not asked me if i wanted to go!!

All in all, i wouldnt personally recommend the hospital, It was basically empty that night so i dont see any excse for it! But it seems other people have had better experiances.


kozel10 Thu 18-Dec-08 11:44:54

I am faced with the choice of where to have my second child which is due July 09. I had my first at ESH in 2004. I shake at the mere mention of the place.

I was at the time quite overweight and I was treated as a leper throughout every visit. I was a nuisance and disgusting to be drawing on their resources. I had never in my life experienced prejudism or bullying until I became pregnant.

I had to be induced, which they did and then pretty much abandoned me in a room all night. My waters broke and I started contractions through the night. The staff absolutely refused to let me call my husband to let him know I was in labour and I was told he would not be allowed in until 10am the next morning. I laboured the whole night completely on my own (many times on the floor).

Having been induced, my contractions started to occur the next morning with very few breaks in between. I was advised to have an epidural which I accepted. The midwife and the anaesthatist were bickering and arguing for 20 minutes whilst getting ready for this. I was sat up and the epidural was administered. The anaesthatist suddenly swore and said he'd gone in too far. I was warned that I may begin to feel very ill.

I eventually gave birth at 10pm and then was put into a private room where I was left. I began to have excruciating headaches and I couldn't move my neck. My baby kept gagging on mucas. I was never encouraged to feed her or anything so did this on instinct although I didn't know what I was doing. I could barely sit up and kept thinking I was going to faint. I buzzed for help which came eventually and was given two paracetamols and then left till the morning. I was screaming for my husband by now as I was in agony. I was told again that I would not be allowed to call him and he would not be allowed back until visiting time.

The next day, I was told that I would have to go back to theatre to have a blood patch done on my spine. The nurse irritably asked what I wanted her to feed my baby with and got very impatient when I couldn't talk for crying.

I came back from theatre with a drip in each arm and left yet again to cope with my baby alone. Not once was I offered food or even a wash. (Try wheeling a crib and two drips to the bathroom and then trying to be hygenic around your child whilst dealing with blood and all sorts whilst tangled up in wires. When I asked, the nurse said that I should have filled out a menu (How? in theatre). She said I'd have to go to the day room to see if there was anything left. I practically crawled there as my husband was told that he wasn't allowed to get anything for me and he was refused entry to the day room anyway. Blood patch hadn't worked (they tried 4 times in the end on seperate occassions). I was moved to a ward. My husband drew the curtains round so that he could help me to attempt to feed whilst laying down, there were other fathers and I desired some privacy as I was struggling. The nurse ripped the curtains back and said that I wasn't allowed to have them closed as it was a security risk

Throughout all of this, my own Mother was understandably beside herself and was reluctant to leave my side. Again, she was allowed very limited access to me.

I had 2 years of severe post natal depression and couldn't bond with baby for 7 months. This all definitley contributed to it. I only wish that I had had the strength to fight for justice but I was so broken and humiliated. Can't believe that I have found the strength to have another child but I could never go back to ESGH. The good news is that I am starting six stone lighter this time

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